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Installing ATpy
ATpy requires NumPy to be installed:
- numpy 1.3.0 or later
(for masked array support, numpy 1.4.0 or svn is recommended)
The following packages are optional, but are required to
read/write to files of the relevant format:
- pyfits 2.1 or later (for FITS tables)
- vo 0.5 or later (for VO tables)
- asciitable 0.5.0 or later (for arbitrary ASCII tables)
- h5py 1.3.0 or later (for HDF5 tables)
- sqlite3 (for SQLite tables)
built into Python 2.6
- MySQL-python 1.2.2 or later (for MySQL tables)
- PyGreSQL 3.8.1 or later (for PostGreSQL tables)
To install ATpy, simply run:
python install
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