Ruby library and command line client for the Dynect REST API
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dynect4r is a Ruby library and command line client for the Dynect REST API (version 2).


gem install dynect4r

Using this library in your own project

require 'dynect4r'
client = => 'example',
                            :user_name => 'example',
                            :password => 'example')
response = client.rest_call(:get, 'Zone/')
pp response

Using the built-in command line client

  1. Create a file called .dynect4r containing your Dynect customer name, username and password on one line separated by whitespace. Note that this file is assumed to be in the home directory by default.

  2. See examples below:

General usage

dynect4r-client [options] [rdata][, ...]
  • Multiple sets of rdata can be specified by separating them with commas.

  • Records can be deleted by not specifying rdata.


Create an A record

dynect4r-client -n

Create round-robin A records

dynect4r-client -n,,

Create a CNAME record

dynect4r-client -n -t CNAME

Create an SRV record

dynect4r-client -n -t SRV 0 10 20

Help and Troubleshooting

See the –help command line option:

dynect4r-client --help

Use debug logging:

dynect4r-client -v debug

All output is also logged to file: dynect4r.log, by default sitting in the home directory.