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Headless Chrome

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Puppeteer for Rust. It looks a little something like this:

use headless_chrome::{browser::default_executable, Browser,
                      LaunchOptionsBuilder, protocol::page::ScreenshotFormat};

fn browse_wikipedia() -> Result<(), failure::Error> {
    let options = LaunchOptionsBuilder::default()
    let browser = Browser::new(options)?;

    let tab = browser.wait_for_initial_tab()?;

    /// Navigate to wikipedia

    /// Wait for network/javascript/dom to make the search-box available
    /// and click it.

    /// Type in a query and press `Enter`

    /// We should end up on the WebKit-page once navigated

    /// Take a screenshot of the entire browser window
    let _jpeg_data = tab.capture_screenshot(

    /// Take a screenshot of just the WebKit-Infobox
    let _png_data = tab
        .wait_for_element("#mw-content-text > div > table.infobox.vevent")?


For fuller examples, take a look at tests/ and examples/

If you're looking to do general browser testing or scraping (rather than anything specific to Chrome / DevTools), you're probably better off with fantoccini for now. It's a lot more feature-complete and stable.


If you get errors related to timeouts, you likely need to enable sandboxing either in the kernel or as a setuid sandbox. Puppeteer has some information about how to do that here

By default, headless_chrome will download a compatible version of chrome to XDG_DATA_HOME (or equivalent on Windows/Mac). This behaviour can be optionally turned off, and you can use the system version of chrome (assuming you have chrome installed) by disabling the default feature in your Cargo.toml:

default-features = false

Missing features


Pull requests and issues are most welcome, even if they're just experience reports. If you find anything frustrating or confusing, let me know!

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