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// This contains all the structures for lorito
#include "config.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ctype.h>
struct lorito_interp_t;
struct lorito_opcode_t;
struct lorito_reg_t;
struct lorito_pmc_t;
struct lorito_str_t;
struct lorito_file_t;
struct lorito_codeseg_t;
struct lorito_constseg_t;
struct lorito_ctx_t;
struct lorito_c_method_t;
struct lorito_interp_t
struct lorito_ctx_t* ctx;
int next_fileid;
unsigned short magic;
// Files
int allocated_file;
struct lorito_file_t **files;
struct lorito_codeseg_t *last_seg;
//Intern Strings (Symbols)
int symbol_len;
struct lorito_str_t **symbols;
// Special PMCs
struct lorito_pmc_t *default_lookup;
struct lorito_pmc_t *null_pmc;
// Errors
struct lorito_str_t *last_error;
typedef struct lorito_interp_t Lorito_Interp;
struct lorito_opcode_t
unsigned char opcode;
unsigned char dest;
unsigned char src1;
unsigned char src2;
int immediate;
int jumploc;
int offset;
typedef struct lorito_opcode_t Lorito_Opcode;
struct lorito_reg_t
int regs_i[REGNUM];
double regs_n[REGNUM];
struct lorito_str_t *regs_s[REGNUM];
struct lorito_pmc_t *regs_p[REGNUM];
typedef struct lorito_reg_t Lorito_Reg;
struct lorito_str_t
int length;
const char *original;
typedef struct lorito_str_t Lorito_Str;
// The enum of internal PMCs
BOX_INT = 1,
BOX_NUM = 2,
BOX_STR = 3,
typedef enum INTERNAL_PMC_ENUM Lorito_Internal;
struct lorito_pmc_t
unsigned short magic; // Magic identifier, changes per interp.
Lorito_Internal internal_type;
int size;
unsigned char *data;
int ptr_count;
int ptr_last;
struct lorito_pmc_t **ptrs;
// Lookup method
struct lorito_pmc_t *lookup;
// VTable PMC for lookup
struct lorito_pmc_t *vtable;
// The data for the internal types
union {
int boxed_int;
double boxed_num;
struct lorito_str_t *boxed_str;
struct lorito_file_t *file;
struct lorito_codeseg_t *code;
struct lorito_constseg_t *const;
struct lorito_ctx_t *ctx;
typedef struct lorito_pmc_t Lorito_PMC;
// Macros for Internal PMCs.
#define IS_INTERNAL(p) (p->internal_type != NOT_INTERNAL)
#define IS_BOX_INT(p) (p->internal_type == BOX_INT )
#define IS_BOX_NUM(p) (p->internal_type == BOX_NUM )
#define IS_BOX_STR(p) (p->internal_type == BOX_STR )
#define IS_FILE_BLOCK(p) (p->internal_type == FILE_BLOCK )
#define IS_CODE_BLOCK(p) (p->internal_type == CODE_BLOCK )
#define IS_CONST_BLOCK(p)(p->internal_type == CONST_BLOCK )
#define IS_DATA_BLOCK(p) (p->internal_type == DATA_BLOCK )
#define IS_CONTEXT(p) (p->internal_type == CONTEXT )
#define IS_LOOKUP(p) (p->internal_type == LOOKUP )
#define IS_C_METHOD(p) (p->internal_type == C_METHOD )
#define IS_CODE(p) (p->internal_type == CODE_BLOCK \
|| p->internal_type == C_METHOD )
#define IS_CALLABLE(p) (p->internal_type == CODE_BLOCK \
|| p->internal_type == C_METHOD \
|| p->internal_type == CONTEXT )
#define IS_CTX(p) (p->internal_type == LOOKUP \
|| p->internal_type == CONTEXT )
#define IS_BOXED(p) (p->internal_type == BOX_INT \
|| p->internal_type == BOX_NUM \
|| p->internal_type == BOX_STR )
// Internal PMCs
struct lorito_box_str_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
struct lorito_str_t *data;
typedef struct lorito_box_str_t Lorito_BoxStr;
struct lorito_file_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
int fileid;
struct lorito_str_t *name;
int codeseg_count;
struct lorito_codeseg_t** codesegs;
int constseg_count;
struct lorito_constseg_t** constsegs;
int datadefseg_count;
struct lorito_datadefseg_t** datadefsegs;
typedef struct lorito_file_t Lorito_File;
struct lorito_codeseg_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
int fileid;
struct lorito_file_t *file;
int segid;
int flags;
struct lorito_str_t *name;
// In opcodes
int length;
struct lorito_opcode_t* op;
typedef struct lorito_codeseg_t Lorito_Codeseg;
struct lorito_constseg_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
int fileid;
struct lorito_file_t *file;
int segid;
int flags;
struct lorito_str_t *name;
// In bytes
int length;
void* data;
typedef struct lorito_constseg_t Lorito_Constseg;
struct lorito_datadefseg_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
int fileid;
struct lorito_file_t *file;
int segid;
int flags;
struct lorito_str_t *name;
// In bytes
int length;
void* data;
typedef struct lorito_datadefseg_t Lorito_Datadefseg;
struct lorito_ctx_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
struct lorito_ctx_t* next_ctx;
int pc;
struct lorito_file_t* current_file;
struct lorito_pmc_t* current_codeseg;
struct lorito_constseg_t* current_constseg;
struct lorito_reg_t regs;
unsigned int args_cnt;
struct lorito_pmc_t *args[32];
unsigned int rets_cnt;
struct lorito_pmc_t *rets[32];
typedef struct lorito_ctx_t Lorito_Ctx;
typedef void (*lorito_c_method)(Lorito_Interp *interp, Lorito_Ctx *ctx);
struct lorito_c_method_t
struct lorito_pmc_t pmc;
lorito_c_method method;
void *method_data;
typedef struct lorito_c_method_t Lorito_C_Method;
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