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// This will initalize and drive the pmc logic
#include "lorito.h"
#include "pmc.h"
#include "pmc_func.h"
#include "interp.h"
void lorito_pmc_func(Lorito_Interp *interp, Lorito_Ctx *ctx, Lorito_Str *func)
if (func == lorito_string(interp, 0, "size"))
lorito_pmc_func_size(interp, ctx);
lorito_pmc_func_size(Lorito_Interp *interp, Lorito_Ctx *ctx)
Lorito_PMC *source = lorito_pop_arg(interp, ctx);
lorito_clr_arg(interp, ctx);
Lorito_PMC *size = lorito_box_int_new(interp, source->size);
lorito_push_arg(interp, ctx, size);