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+=head1 Lorito - A minimal VM prototype
+This is Lorito, a minimal VM prototype. It was started as a refactoring of
+the core of ParrotVM.
+=head2 Building Lorito
+Lorito is written in C. The Lorito assembler is written in perl.
+Today, Lorito is not written at all portable. It assumes 32-bit, x86 linux.
+That will change eventually.
+A simple F<Makefile> is included, so running C<make> will produce the lorito
+=head2 Running Lorito
+ < file.lasm > file.ito
+ lorito file.ito
+Currently Lorito is a two step process. First you have to take an lasm file
+and produce a Lorito Bytecode file (C<.ito>). This is done with the
+tool. Once you have an C<.ito> you can use the compiled lorito executable
+to run the bytecode.
+=head2 Other Documentation
+=item L<Design|design.pod>
+=item L<Opcodes|ops.pod>
+=head2 And remember
+Less magic == More magic
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