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Update the documentation in preperation of informational PMC functions.

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@@ -880,12 +880,19 @@ cnt_arg has more possible uses, cnt_arg was used.
=item Registers
+PMC($src1), $src2
=item Description
Invoke the context in PMC($src1) by setting it as the current context.
+If the STR version of this is invoked, then $src2 is used as the function
+name to call and PMC($src1) is the context to call with. This will only use
+the argument fields for paramater passing and returning, the return context
+will not mean anything. The only functions available with this method are the
+static PMC inspection functions. A full list of available functions
+is available in the L<PMC Inspection|pmc_func.pod> documentation.
=item Reason
This is the key operator that allows changing of current context, and thus

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