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A quick and dirty Lorito of 20ish op codes.

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This is Lorito, a minimal VM prototype. It was started as a refactoring of the core of ParrotVM.

Lorito is written in C. The Lorito assembler is written in perl. Today, Lorito is not written at all portable. It assumes 32-bit, x86 linux. That will change eventually. A simple Makefile is included, so running make will produce the lorito executable. < file.lasm > file.ito
  lorito file.ito

Currently Lorito is a two step process. First you have to take an lasm file and produce a Lorito Bytecode file (.ito). This is done with the tool. Once you have an .ito you can use the compiled lorito executable to run the bytecode.


Less magic == More magic

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