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Scripts for Installing ATS2+utils

Homebrew for ATS2

This script is for installing ATS2 under a Mac OS. It is maintained externally.


This script is for installing ATS2 and ATS2-contrib under a distrbution of Linux. It is primarily used in an Ubuntu box provided by Cloud-9.

Also, an improvement of this script by Yannick Duchêne is available as install-ats2-on-debian-ubuntu.sh, which should really be used in place of C9-ATS2-install.sh.


This script is a variant of C9-ATS2-install.sh. It is tailored mainly for teaching BU-CAS-CS-320.


This script is a variant of C9-ATS2-install.sh. It is tailored mainly for teaching BU-CAS-CS-520.


In addition to C9-ATS2-install-cs520.sh, this script installs patsolve_z3, a Z3-based external constraint-solver for handling ATS2-typechecking constraints. You may use JG-C9-ATS2-install-cs520-z3.sh (or a modified version) that first installs Z3 and then invokes C9-ATS2-install-cs520-z3.sh.


This script first installs ATS1 and then installs ATS2 through source compilation (as ATS2 is implemented in ATS1). It also installs the libatsopt and libatsynmark library packages, which are needed for processing the books INT2PROGINATS and ATS2TUTORIAL.


This script is for installing ATS2 and ATS2-contrib under MSYS2 (the modern rewrite of MSYS) for Windows. It is based on "C9-ATS2-install.sh".

Installation instructions are given as follows:

  • Install MSYS2 following its official documentation;
  • Initiate an instance of MSYS2 shell;
  • Copy the script to a directory (say $DIR) on your system where you want ATS2 and ATS2-contrib to be installed (e.g., $DIR may stand for ~/MYTMP);
  • Enter the directory $DIR (by executing cd $DIR);
  • Make sure that the script is executable (e.g. by issuing chmod +x AS-MSYS2-build-ats2.sh);
  • Finally, please execute the script.


The sortsmill overlay for Gentoo is a collection of ebuilds related in some way to font development. It is a Mercurial repository and is listed by "layman -L" under the name sortsmill. So you can install it, if you are using layman, with the command

layman -a sortsmill

Ebuilds related to ATS2 include

  •   dev-lang/ats2                 -- install ATS2
  •   dev-lang/ats2-github          -- (try to) install ATS2-github
  •   dev-lang/ats2-contrib         -- install ATS2-contrib
  •   dev-lang/ats2-contrib-github  -- install ATS2-contrib-github
  •   app-emacs/ats2-mode           -- install ats2-mode and optionally also install flymake

You can have multiple versions of ATS2 and ATS2-contrib installed simultaneously, using eselect or settings of PATSHOME and/or PATSCONTRIB to control which versions are used. The ATS2 and ATS2-contrib versions are controlled independently. (I thought this better than trying to impose version-matching constraints.)

There is also dev-lang/ats for installing ATS1; this is pulled in by dev-lang/ats2-github. It is a clumsy ebuild based on the one that is in the main Gentoo repository.

A Gentoo ebuild is just a Bash script running in a certain environment, mostly defining certain Bash functions, and so may be useful even to non-Gentoo users as reading material. (It's not a makefile, nor is it in a special file format like what you find in rpm and dpkg packages.)

(Gentoo users may be curious about my ebuild-writing style. It is based on what is common practice in Exherbo Linux, though their repository layout and script conventions are different.)

The above brief description of the sortsmill overlay is taken on-line.