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// Neopixel Rainbow
// This only functions when the --release version is compiled. Using the debug
// version leads to slow pulse durations which results in a straight white LED
// output.
// // Needs to be compiled with --release for the timing to be correct
use bsp::hal;
use feather_m4 as bsp;
#[cfg(not(feature = "use_semihosting"))]
use panic_halt as _;
#[cfg(feature = "use_semihosting")]
use panic_semihosting as _;
use bsp::entry;
use hal::clock::GenericClockController;
use hal::delay::Delay;
use hal::pac::{CorePeripherals, Peripherals};
use hal::prelude::*;
use hal::timer::*;
use smart_leds::{
hsv::{hsv2rgb, Hsv},
use ws2812_timer_delay::Ws2812;
fn main() -> ! {
let mut peripherals = Peripherals::take().unwrap();
let core = CorePeripherals::take().unwrap();
let mut clocks = GenericClockController::with_external_32kosc(
&mut peripherals.MCLK,
&mut peripherals.OSC32KCTRL,
&mut peripherals.OSCCTRL,
&mut peripherals.NVMCTRL,
let pins = bsp::Pins::new(peripherals.PORT);
let mut delay = Delay::new(core.SYST, &mut clocks);
let gclk0 = clocks.gclk0();
let timer_clock = clocks.tc2_tc3(&gclk0).unwrap();
let mut timer = TimerCounter::tc3_(&timer_clock, peripherals.TC3, &mut peripherals.MCLK);
let neopixel_pin = pins.neopixel.into_push_pull_output();
let mut neopixel = Ws2812::new(timer, neopixel_pin);
// Loop through all of the available hue values (colors) to make a
// rainbow effect from the onboard neopixel
loop {
for j in 0..255u8 {
let colors = [hsv2rgb(Hsv {
hue: j,
sat: 255,
val: 2,