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Card Management


This is a "real world" example application, written entirely in F#. The goal is to create a best practice for building applications or at least give a reasonable manual to design one.


It's a very simple bank application.

Here you can

  • Create/Read users
  • Create/Read cards for those users
  • Set daily limits for cards
  • Top up balance
  • Process payments (according to your current balance, daily limit and today's spendings)


To run this thing you'll need:

  • .NET Core 2.2+
  • Docker
  • Visual Studio 2017+ or VS Code with Ionide plugin or Rider with F# plugin

Database here is MongoDb, hosted in docker container. So you just have to navigate to docker folder and run docker-compose up. That's it.

For web api Giraffe framework is used. You can also play with it using CardManagement.Console project.

Project overview

There are several projects in this solution, in order of referencing:

  • CardManagement.Common. Self explanatory, I guess.
  • CardManagement. This is a business logic project, a core of this application. Domain types, actions and composition root for this layer
  • CardManagement.Data. Data access layer. Contains entities, db interaction functions and composition root for this layer.
  • CardManagement.Infrastructure. In here you'll find a global composition root, logging, app configuration functions.
  • CardManagement.Console/CardManagement.Api. Entry point for using global composition root from infrastructure.
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