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@atsb atsb released this May 10, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

After a 14 month hiatus, FreeLarn gets another release. Once again, full of improvements, stability and bug fixes:

  1. Removed showing spells when reading a Prayer Book and replaced with
    suitable alternative text and benefits.
  2. Fixed death text and integer for starving to death.
  3. Modified death texts to make sense after 'killed by' sentence.
  4. Removed more redundant C-style ints.
  5. Removed aur Makefile.
  6. Removed JsonCPP and replaced with an MIT ConfigReader
    Author credited and License is added in 'docs'.
  7. Removed 'json' folder and added config header in 'config'.
  8. Renamed fl_config.json to fl_config.cfg.
  9. Fixed a bug for the maze generation where the player would
    always spawn next to a mob room.
  10. Fixed a bug where the opening of the door text would overlap
    the 'LVL' field on the text drawing area.

This release comes on multiple architectures and operating systems, see below:

Choose this if you are on an original RaspberryPi (also RPI2/3) or another ARM system (it's backwards compatible).
Choose this if you're on a mac (10.10+).

Choose this if you are using the MIPS64 system.

Choose this if you are using a modern POWER8 or higher system (PowerPC64 little endian).

Choose this if you are on a 64bit GNU/Linux system (Ubuntu 19.04 for example).
Choose this if you are on 64bit Windows.

Except the Windows and macOS builds, if you are unsure, use 'file freelarn' on the binary to get the full details of the architecture it's built against.


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