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@atsb atsb released this Jun 12, 2019

Another release for FreeLarn, this release fixes some bugs and further coding improvements:

  1. Removed showing spells when reading a Prayer Book and replaced with
    suitable alternative text and benefits.
  2. Fixed death text and integer for starving to death.
  3. Modified death texts to make sense after 'killed by' sentence.
  4. Removed more redundant C-style ints.
  5. Removed aur Makefile.
  6. Removed JsonCPP and replaced with an MIT ConfigReader
    Author credited and License is added in 'docs'.
  7. Removed 'json' folder and added config header in 'config'.
  8. Renamed fl_config.json to fl_config.cfg.
  9. Fixed a bug for the maze generation where the player would
    always spawn next to a mob room.
  10. Fixed a bug where the openin of the door would overlap
    the 'LVL' field on the text drawing area.
  11. Converted codebase to C++11 and moved around some
    variables to correctly extern them.
  12. Removed all config files (because it was a C++17 header).
  13. Removed the last of the preprocessor macros and converted
    them to constants and one to a static function.
  14. Fixed a bug where the door text would overlap the stat bar.
  15. Removed all inline variables and functions and replaced with
    templated functions instead.
  16. New file 'FLTTerm.hpp' which contains templates for terminal
  17. Removed unused legacy variables and converted some inlines
    into constants.
  18. Removed [[fallthrough]] but left as a comment to see when
    statements fall through.
  19. Optimised makefiles to supress fallthrough warning.
  20. Removed D&D monsters and replaced with folklore monsters:
    Umber Hulk replaced with Unktehi (Lakota folklore),
    Rust Monster replaced with Ragana (Lithuanian folklore),
    Gelatinous Cube replaced with Gytrash (English folklore),
    Invisible Stalker replaced with Invisible Diwata (Philippine folklore).
  21. Changed a few stats on the new monsters to be more like their
  22. Gytrash has a chance to summon a monster if HP is less than 10.
  23. Fixed a crash where a bad maze was being read. Temporarily
    reduced mazes to '2' (read from the char).
  24. Removed all config files and hardcoded the original default stats.

As always (for GNU/Linux systems) you'll need to make the binary executable



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