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Team: Lost in Conversation /2

NeurIPS 2018 presentation.


BPE vocabulary:

Model checkpoint file:


How to run

Unzip BPE vocabulary files into ./parametes folder and save checkpoint into ./checkpoints folder or use scripts (see below).

The easiest way to prepare environment is to run script After that docker container with retrieval server must be run in demon mode and image with transformer_chatbot must be built. Run scripts from the root folder of this repository.

Retrieval server can be run with script Server do not need the internet connection for its work, for connection with transformer_chatbot port 9200 is used (containers must be in the same docker network).

After preparations metrics can be evaluated with corresponding docker_*.sh scripts or *.py scripts can be used during interactive container run.

Usage of docker container for transformer_chatbot is not necessary, but retrieval server must always be run for correct work of transformer_chatbot.

List of used python modules is in requirements.txt. Also pytorch=0.4.1 is used.


f1: 0.178

hits@1: 0.173