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Tungsten fabric VPP ansible deployer repo, used to deploy tungsten fabric controller with VPP as datapath.


execute ./ to allow setting up the basic repos needed to deploy tungsten fabric with vpp.

git clone
cd tf-vpp-ansible-deployer

sample configuration is available for reference, defining vpp related parameters.

Note: vpp needs uio driver to work, it is assumed the the uio driver is already loaded, ./ tries to provide igb_uio driver if available to specific kernel version.

move to directory contrail-ansible-deployer, verify/update your configuration in instances.yaml use following to deploy tungsten fabric and vpp integrated solution with openstack

cd contrail-ansible-deployer
# Instance provisioning:
ansible-playbook -i inventory/ playbooks/provision_instances.yml
# Instance configuration:
ansible-playbook -e orchestrator=openstack -i inventory/ playbooks/configure_instances.yml
# OpenStack installation:
ansible-playbook -i inventory/ playbooks/install_openstack.yml
# Tungsten Fabric installation:
ansible-playbook -e orchestrator=openstack -i inventory/ playbooks/install_contrail.yml
# NOTE: need to be logged into docker with the id that have access to vpp integrated container images
#     docker login <username>
#     provide password on prompt

# VPP components installation:
ansible-playbook -e orchestrator=openstack -i inventory/ playbooks/install_vpp.yml

Note: you will need access to container images for deploying this solution

DKMS based installation of igb_uio driver

In case you do not have igb_uio driver installed on required computes you can use the following steps.


Availability of Kernel headers specific to base machine OS

or it can be installed using


 apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)


 yum install -y kernel-devel-`uname -r`

This playbook will ensures installation of igb_uio dpdk drivers on the configured nodes. It needs to be executed before installation of Tungsten fabric (install_contrail.yml).

  ansible-playbook -i inventory/ playbooks/install_igb_uio.yml

Setting up flavour and base image

you can use atsgen/openstack-cli:latest container to use the openstack cli, to execute cli commands to create flavor and images

docker run -d --name openstack-cli \
  -v /etc/kolla/kolla-toolbox/ \
  -it atsgen/openstack-cli:latest

you can connect to container using exec :

docker exec -it openstack-cli bash

vpp is dpdk based and hence needs huge pages backed flavors

source /
openstack flavor create --ram 512 --disk 1 --vcpus 1 dpdk.tiny
nova flavor-key dpdk.tiny set hw:mem_page_size=large
openstack image create cirros2 --disk-format qcow2 --public \
  --container-format bare --file cirros-0.4.0-x86_64-disk.img


Tungsten fabric vpp integration is available as a free-ware, which can be accessed by registering with ATSgen.

click here to request access to the container images for tungsten-vpp


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