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Wine recommendation/data analysis R Shiny web app
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Wine recommendation/data analysis R Shiny web app

Source files for winedApp R Shinydashboard app, which resides here:

The global.R file reads in and applies pre-processing to files in data folder. UI = user interface module Server = backend module.

Using most recent versions of all indicated packages (as of 06 May 2019).

Improvements and refinements to arrive in the coming weeks.

About the app:

Don't wind up with the wrong wine at the wrong time: unwind with the world's best!

This app provides insights into prices, ratings, descriptions, and geographic distribution of the world's most esteemed wines. Novice or connoisseur, consumer or seller, this app will meet your oenophile needs.

In the Wine Explorer, you can enter your location, varietal, aroma, taste, vintage,and price range preferences, and retrieve information on compatible wines.

The Global Insights feature offers map visualizations of international wine trends.

Graphs and Charts provides additional lenses into relationships amongst countries of origin, varietals, prices per bottle, and ratings.

The data was sourced from ca. 36,000 wine reviews on the WineEnthusiast site.

Further information was extracted from the Wikipedia list of grape varieties.

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