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Repo to dump cards from a project column into a CSV file that can be imported into

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If you find a bug then please raise an issue.

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Security token

These scripts need a security token with access to read:project.


If your project contains issues or pull requests in a private repo, you will also need to provide access to repo.


The token should be in an environment variable GITHUB_API_TOKEN

An easy way to do this is set it in a .env file:

# ./.env
# API keys for GitHub etc.
GITHUB_API_TOKEN=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 # <- put your token here
# ^ this token was deleted already so it needs to be replaced

Interactive scripts

This project uses the InquirerPy, python-dotenv and requests modules, so you need to install them:

pip3 install InquirerPy
pip3 install python-dotenv
pip3 install requests

Or, by using the requirements.txt:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Then run:


The menus will then prompt for selection of org, project type, and column before exporting the column to .csv.
*V2 Projects will additionally ask which field to pick the column from.


Shell script

This is used to merge the latest two files (which should be .csv files) so that the headers from the second file are stripped out in order to create a single file that can be imported to Planning Poker.


Scripts to dump cards from a GitHub project column into a CSV file that can be imported into




Code of conduct

Security policy