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** For all documentation see the wiki: **
Read"Getting Started" guide to start using ActiveScaffold
** For news see the project website: **
ActiveScaffold plugin by Scott Rutherford (, Richard White (, Lance Ivy (, Ed Moss, Tim Harper and Sergio Cambra (
Uses DhtmlHistory by Brad Neuberg (
Uses Querystring by Adam Vandenberg
Uses Paginator by Bruce Williams
Supports RecordSelect by Lance Ivy
== Version Information
Please note the following list of Active Scaffold branches and Rails versions. Master will not work with Rails < 2.2
Active Scaffold master currently supports rails-2.3.8, but incompatible changes can be introduced, if you want an stable version, use rails-2.3
If you are using rails-2.3 with no deprecation warnings, you can update to master branch, although you will have to update your form and search helper overrides, because they will get an options hash instead of input name.
Rails 2.3.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.3
Rails 2.2.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.2
Rails 2.1.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.1
Rails < 2.1: Active Scaffold 1-1-stable (no guarantees)
Since Rails 2.3, render_component plugin is needed for nested and embbeded scaffolds. It works with rails-2.3 branch from ewildgoose repository:
script/plugin install git:// -r rails-2.3
Released under the MIT license (included)