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** Important
I happily announce that I'm not going to work on this code base anymore
now that Microsoft has open-sourced Reactive Extensions in Apache license.
Thank you Microsoft!
I noticed that some people are still forking and/or trying to use it.
There wouldn't be any need to do so... except for attempt to use Rx on Unity.
For such use case, check out UniRx:
mono-reactive aims to provide Reactive Extension (Rx) [*1] features to the
Mono world.
Right now it is almost about System.Reactive.dll implementation, but I'm
looking forward to seeing it running ReativeUI [*2] for iOS as well as
Mono for Android support.
System.Reactive.dll is feature complete, but there is a couple of things that
are known to fail. Also I'm still newbie in Rx land, there are likely
stupid implementation and nasty hacks.
Patches, bug reports and/or any feedback are welcome.
** Rx2 support
All the existing 1.0-based API (in System.Reactive.dll) is mapped to new Rx2
assemblies (System.Reactive.*.dll). Some of them were however, turned into
NotImplemented state as they depended on types that are now "external" from
the implementing assembly.
** Requests for users
Since there are very few usage of Rx that does *not* depend on WPF, I'd be
very grateful if you could tell me any mono-runnable use of Rx with this.
Atsushi Eno (@atsushi_eno / @atsushieno)