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The Catalog API microService is part of a model-management service which can be used for:

  • Implemented for model catalog meta-data storage
  • Listing all model meta-data
  • Retrieving model meta-data based on modelKey and modelType and projectKey
  • Inserting/updating model catalog meta-data via MySQL
  • Deleting unwanted catalogs based on modelKey and projectKey


Required Environment

  • Linux

Required Software

  • Maven 3.x.x
  • Java 8
  • MariaDB

Required Applications

Other Requirements

  • Jenkins Job Base
  • Email Host
  • Kubernetes Namespace


  1. Install and configure Maven and Java. Many robust installation guides exist for both products and there is not a need for an additional guide here.
  2. Clone the CatalogAPI repository.
  3. Install and configure MariaDB. Create the database schema by running Catalogapi_tables_Schema.sql.
  4. Follow the installation and deployment instructions for AAF (here). CatalogAPI is dependent on AAF. Be sure to create a namespace in AAF.
  5. Navigate to the project in a terminal and run mvn install using the settings.xml file provided with the project.


  1. Configure CatalogAPI by filling out the configuration files src/main/resources/, src/main/resources/, src/main/resources/, and etc/ Fields are preset with default values, localhost addresses, or the dummy text "changeme".
  2. Generate a new keyfile and use it to replace the dummy file in etc/aafkeystore.
  3. Create a run configuration with com.att.ajsc.catalogapi.Application as the main class
  4. Launch with the run configuration.


More details can be found in the wiki for this project