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XACML TEST Project Information

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The XACML-TEST project contains sample code and tests that demonstrate how to use the AT&T XACML software API.

All of the tests use a file to configure the PDP engine and other test parameters. For more information, see the XACML.PROPERTIES description.

Conformance Tests

Under the com.att.research.xacmlatt.pdp.test.conformance package is the Conformance test. AT&T Laboratories spent a considerable amount of time upgrading the OASIS XACML Committee's 2.0 version of conformance tests to conform to the XACML 3.0 standard. The upgraded 3.0 test sets (located in the XACML/testsets/conformance/xacml3.0-ct-v.0.4 subdirectory) were subsequently submitted back to the OASIS XACML Committee in May 2014.

To run the tests, simply run the com.att.research.xacmlatt.pdp.test.conformance\ source file as a "Java Application" with an argument pointing to the test directory: "-i testsets/conformance/xacml3.0-ct-v.0.4". There are many other options available to run the Conformance tests, please use the "-h" argument for more information.

JUnit Tests

There are some JUnit tests under the com.att.research.xacmlatt.pdp.std package that were developed and used while developing the PDP engine in the XACML-PDP. Feel free to use them to test you're own PDP engine implementation.

This is the base test application that can be used to test the PDP engine. The test class expects a command line argument pointing it to a directory structure as such:

.\requests\ <-- a sub-directory containing json/xml requests .\responses\ <-- a sub-directory containing json/xml responses expected from a request in the "requests" directory. .\results\ <-- a sub-directory where the actual resulting responses are stored. Can be configured. <-- A properties file that configures the PDP engine.

There are several example test directory structures available to start under the "testsets\pip" directory. These test the configurable PIP engines. To run them, run as a "Java Application". Add the following command-line argument:

-dir testsets/pip/configurable-csv

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