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// suppress all instances of varFuncNullUB: "Passing NULL after the last typed
// argument to a variadic function leads to undefined behaviour." That's
// because all the places we do this are valid and won't cause problems even
// on a ILP64 platform because we're careful about using NULL rather than 0.
// Suppress the warning about unmatched suppressions. At the moment these
// warnings are emitted even when removing the suppression comment results in
// the warning being suppressed. In other words this unmatchedSuppression
// warnings are false positives.
// There is currently one function which triggers this warning multiple times:
// src/cmd/ksh93/sh/io.c. Those warnings are all false positives. Suppressing
// them with inline warnings is too hideous to allow so globally suppress them.
// For the moment we ignore warnings about using non-reentrant functions when
// a reentrant thread-safe variant exists. Since ksh is single-threaded this
// isn't a problem although it could be is a third-party plugin created
// threads that used any of these functions.
// The fallbacks.c module is likely to need cppcheck suppressions. But due to
// how they are parsed, independent of any enclosing `#if` directives, they are
// also likely to cause warnings like "Unmatched suppression: mktempCalled".