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This is the AT&T Software Technology (AST) toolkit from AT&T Research. It includes many tools and libraries, like KSH, NMAKE, SFIO, VMALLOC, VCODEX, etc. It also includes more efficient replacements for a lot of the POSIX tools. It was designed to be portable across many UNIX systems and also works under UWIN on Microsoft Windows (see UWIN repo on GitHub under att/uwin).

ksh93u+ and v-

This repo contains the ksh93u+ and ksh93v- versions of KSH.

  • ksh93u+, the master branch, was the last version released by the main AST authors in 2012, while they were at AT&T. It also has some later build fixes but it is not actively maintained.
  • ksh93v-, ksh93v tag, contains contributions from the main authors through 2014 (after they left) and is considered less stable

Please search the web for forks of this repo (or check the Network graph on GitHub) if you are looking for an actively maintained version of ksh.


This software is used to build itself, using NMAKE. After cloning this repo, cd to the top directory of it and run:

./bin/package make

Almost all the tools in this package (including the bin/package script are self-documenting; run --man (or --html) for the man page for the tool.

(If you were used to the old AST packaging mechanism, on, this repo is equivalent to downloading the INIT and ast-open packages and running: ./bin/package read on them).