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Disable oclint CollapsibleIfStatements warning

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krader1961 committed Sep 15, 2018
1 parent 2afba68 commit 0d9acbd7e01621a4fb3c39203a4a95736aa30919
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@@ -103,6 +103,14 @@ disable-rules:
- TooFewBranchesInSwitchStatement
# The structure of the code means that it is often clearer to nest `if()`
# statements even though they could be written as a single `if()`. I've
# simplified all the instances where no clarity is lost by combining them.
# Those instances that remain would be made harder to read and reason
# about if they were combined. Eliminating these instances requires
# refactoring that is hard to justify. So disable this warning.
- CollapsibleIfStatements
# TODO: Enable These in the future after simpler or more serious issues
# have been addressed. At this time these warnings just make it hard to
# see the issues that are easier or more urgent to resolve. So disable them.

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