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Fix name of a feature test in libast pre requirement script

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siteshwar committed Nov 27, 2017
1 parent c123151 commit 11fd3d29a8d10471b57f1ade74419e4e9b57b0e3
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ PATH=$bin_dir:$PATH
# Legacy build system keeps files generated by iffe with different names under different directories
# Each array listed below is processed separately and headers generated by iffe are kept in separate directories
# in a way that is compatible with legacy build system
iffe_tests=( 'api' 'aso' 'ccode' 'common' 'float' 'fs' 'iconv' 'lib' 'syslocale' 'mmap' 'ndbm' 'prog' 'sched' 'sfio' 'siglist' 'sizeof' 'spawn' 'standards' 'sys' 'sys_calls' 'time' 'tmlib' 'tty' 'tv' 'tvlib' 'vfork' 'vmalloc' 'wait')
iffe_tests=( 'api' 'aso' 'ccode' 'common' 'float' 'fs' 'iconv' 'lib' 'syslocale' 'mmap' 'ndbm' 'prog' 'sched' 'sfio' 'siglist' 'sizeof' 'spawn' 'standards' 'sys' 'sys_calls' 'systime' 'tmlib' 'tty' 'tv' 'tvlib' 'vfork' 'vmalloc' 'wait')
iffe_tests_2=( 'tv' 'tmx' )

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