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Add comment regarding the need to keep "Version A"

Related #1443
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krader1961 committed Nov 20, 2019
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@@ -64,6 +64,23 @@ Alternately, a development version can be installed using:
sudo port install ksh-devel

## Versioning

We have switched from the legacy versioning scheme to
[semantic versioning]( The first
release after the last stable, ksh93u+, release is version 2020.0.0 which has
numeric version number 20200000. This means you can still evaluate
`$KSH_VERSION` or `${.sh.version}` in numeric context to determine if the
current shell is older or newer than a specific release (e.g., 20120801 for
the ksh93u+ release).

If the shell is built without Git metadata a hardcoded value is used. That
value will be one of two things. If building from a stable release branch
it will be whatever value was assigned to that branch; e.g., 2020.0.1.
If building from the master, experimental, branch it will be the most
recent major release number and 99 for the minor and patch levels; e.g.,
2020.99.99. This should serve as a warning that you don't really know
what commit was used when building ksh.

## Contributing changes to the source code

@@ -128,13 +145,13 @@ the current development version of ksh93. It only contains source code
for ksh93 and the libraries required to build it.

The [2012-08-01-master branch](
contains the last stable release of
full AST source code. It contains one cherry-picked
contains the last stable release, ksh93u+,
of full AST source code. It contains one cherry-picked
to allow building on Linux.

The [2016-01-10-beta branch]( contains
the last beta release of full AST source code plus a number of patches
the last beta release, ksh93v-, of full AST source code plus a number of patches
that were later added on top of it. Changes for the legacy AST project are
normally merged to this branch.

@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ option('build-api-tests-only', type : 'boolean', value : false)

# This number is used when git is not available
# meson -Dfallback-version-number='x.y.z'
option('fallback-version-number', type : 'string', value : '2020.0.0-beta1')
option('fallback-version-number', type : 'string', value : '2020.99.99')

# To build with support for ASAN (AddressSanitizer:
# meson -DASAN=true
@@ -5,6 +5,11 @@
const char *ksh_version = "@VCS_TAG@";
const char *e_version =
"Version "
// Do not remove this string. See There may be people or
// scripts depending on "Version A" being present to distinguish this code from ksh clones even
// though there is no guarantee legacy ksh builds include this string. So even if we ultimately
// remove the insecure command audit facility this string needs to be retained. See also

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