Commits on Feb 6, 2018
  1. Skip adding -nostartfiles flag during compilation

    siteshwar committed Feb 1, 2018
    Due to a recent change in gcc, compilation breaks on Fedora rawhide. This
    should be fixed by skipping -nostartfiles flag.
    Resolves: rhbz#1540796
    Related: rhbz#1540642
Commits on Jan 31, 2018
  1. Fix build failures caused by update in glibc

    siteshwar committed Aug 1, 2017
    Resolves: rhbz#1477082
Commits on Nov 9, 2017
  1. iffe depends on cc -E not inserting newlines between tokens

    siteshwar committed May 15, 2017
    Thanks to Andreas Schwab <> for the patch
Commits on Jan 11, 2016
  1. Version: 2012-08-01-master

    Lefteris Koutsofios
    Lefteris Koutsofios committed Jan 11, 2016
    RELEASE notes for src/cmd/3d/RELEASE
    12-06-25 change strcpy() within buffer to strcopy()
    12-06-22,utimensat3d.c: add utimensat()
    12-05-25 handle missing getdents64 on linux+gcc-4.4
    12-05-25 syscall3d.c: tweak _exit() logic (really?) to dumped core on recent solaris
    11-12-01 fix fcntl 3rd arg int vs void*
    10-06-01 sync with ast api 20100601
    10-04-10 mkdir3d.c: fix mkdir() intermediate dir logic
    10-01-19 3d.h: increase some path buffer sizes -- these need to be dynamic!
    09-05-15 dll_3d.h: handle dllopen => dlopen
    08-12-04 fs.c: change open(/dev/fd/NN,...) try open(2) first, then dup(2)
    08-06-20 ast_3d.h,ast.c: add libast/misc/setenviron.c
    07-03-26 Makefile: drop -L* from IFFEREFS -- handled by .IFFE.REF.
    07-03-21 lib_3d.h,error.c: handle error_info => *_error_data_
    06-12-04 3d.h: strmode() bsd conflict tweak
    06-11-23 finally get linux to pass regression tests
    06-11-21 fchdir3d: let chdir do the work if fd matches cached path
    06-09-28 used getconf LIBPATH|LIBPREFIX|LIBSUFFIX -- how novel
    06-09-26 3d.h,dir3d.c,dll3d.c: fix strtou*l*l maps for __int64 vs. long long
    06-09-18 strmatch.c,touch.c: add private obsolete api copies
    06-08-27 mkdir3d.c: foloow mkdir -p mode rules for missing intermediates
    05-02-01 IFS may be unset and { ash bsh } don't on startup -- wow
    05-01-01,utimets3d.c: add utimets() intercept
    04-12-15 pathreal.c: "..." should fail if no lower view -- doh
    04-10-01 features/syslib: _exit test now uses SIGKILL (openbsd abort() hangs)
    04-07-26 update runtime docs
    	 3d.1: drop in deference to the runtime docs
    04-07-20 3d.h: undef _BLD_DEBUG to avoid raw libast symbols
    04-07-19 fs.c,lib.c,open3d.c,vcs_3d.h: { O_RDONLY O_WRONLY O_RDWR } are values
    04-07-19 dir3d.c: rewinddir643d() must call seekdir643d() (not seekdir64())
    04-07-01 3d.tst: TMP => TWD to match regress(1)
    04-06-16 3d.tst: coordinate $TMP with regress(1)
    04-06-14 lib.c: fix fs3d() 2d return value
    04-06-11 3d.tst: fix test and error counts
    04-05-04 open3d.c: create missing lower level dirs for O_CREAT ... file paths
    03-08-15 mount3d.c: change 3d intercept test to handle NiL || ""
    03-06-11 ast.c: add _map_malloc checks for _ast_malloc => malloc
    03-06-05 pathreal.c: fix ancient multiple relative|.. symlink bug
    03-06-04 change `shift $OPTIND-1' to `set x "@"; shift $OPTIND'
    03-03-28 dir3d.c,rmdir3d.c,syscall3d.c: add D_FILENO and D_TYPE ifdefs
    03-03-25 dup3d.c: fix bug that cleared Dir_t pointer just after allocation
    03-03-07 ftruncate3d.c,lseek3d.c,truncate3d.c: check _typ_off64_t
    02-10-18 features/ handle pseudo files in cc -E line syncs
    02-07-17 syscall3d.c: clean up user level intercept code
    02-06-25 open3d.c: fix bug that created 0 mode file with only O_RDWR
    02-06-14 ast_3d.h,cs.c: move fmttime() macro override to cs.c
    02-06-06 dir3d.c: fix rewinddir() bug that did not decrement intercepted count
    02-04-01 Makefile,cs.c,cs_3d.h,ast_3d.h: _WIN32 tweaks
    01-11-26 pathreal.c: empty path is an error
    01-11-16 ftruncate3d.c,truncate3d.c: use lseek3d indirection via sysfunc()
    01-10-31 fchdir3d: add along with state.file[].dir to cache open dir paths
    	 dir3d.c: add recursive call intercepts
    	 error.c: add recursive call intercepts
    	 pathreal.c: add buffer size check
    	 features/ add bsd syscall __RENAME() checks
    	 syscall3d.c: check _lib_syscall before using it!
    01-10-30 features/,syscall3d.c: handle -ldl calls back into 3d
    01-09-20 drop extra } in USAGE that emitted -} for --?
    01-07-17 Makefile: don't link 3d dll against ast dll
    01-02-19 close3d: dup reserved fd's higher
    01-02-14 add :VARIANT: to build dll's for CC.DLL.VARIANTS
    01-01-01 dir_3d.h: real readdir must be struct dirent, not dirent64
    00-12-14 fix -c
    00-10-31 ast.c add pathtemp.c
    00-10-19 init.c: initialize _3d_2d
    00-07-17 fix fchown to call MSG_fchown (not MSG_fchown); fixes vim dump!
    00-02-14 3d command long options (finally)
    99-01-01 --- release 4.0 ---
    99-04-01 dll: sfsprintf => _3d_sfsprintf
    	 check for __*_nc (osf.alpha)
    99-02-14 pathreal: copy to if not already there
    	 rewinddir3d: just call seekdir(p,0); fixes `top' core dump
    99-01-11 lseek3d,syscall3d: add sysfunc() for off_t!=long
    99-01-01 --- release 3.0 ---
    98-02-14 fix _RLD32_LIST => _RLDN32_LIST typo
    	 pathreal: fix (P_LSTAT|P_READLINK) under pwd bug that did phys on .
    	 features/ tighten up version __call header grep
    	 unlink: trap remove() too
    	 features/ favor strong (_ prefix) name for some arch's
    98-02-06 syscall3d: handle longjmp with cp->active
    98-01-23 features/ check for _xstat vs __xstat
    98-01-01 add readdir64 rewinddir64 seekdir64 telldir64
    97-10-11 fix lefty's virtual dir touch bug -- recursive doubling on stbuf
    97-07-17 CS_INTERFACE=2
    97-04-01 features/ fix __exit() test for new sgi
    96-12-25 handle stat64() implementations on top of _xstat()
    	 3d.tst must be run under 3d!
    	 _SCO_STAT_VER tweaks
    	 sgi _RLD_NEXT_PATHNAME fix for -32 -n32 -64 differentiation
    	 _*xstat() hacks around proto in *stat3d.c
    	 add constant casts for long shift counts
    	 fix pathnext() to report version instance level in state.path.level
    96-11-28 fix rename() to do physical stat on subject path!
    96-02-29 handle syscall loops caused by botched libs like solaris
    	 generalize name service interface to handle ifs+vcs
    	 catch acl,facl even if not on local sys
    	 fix features/ bug that set $stdc incorrectly
    	 use alloca() in execve() if possible
    	 add 3d.tst and test makefile action
    	 fix a few important virtual dir / create / append bugs
    	 fix null dereference in open3d() for state.in_2d
    96-02-14 add NFS acl,facl
    96-02-08 fix 2d bug in link,rename,symlink that generated empty arg 1
    96-01-30 fix features/ for compilers that ignore prototypes
    96-01-22 P_TOP only takes effect for files in virtual dir!
    95-11-24 optimize exec $shell to eval in
    95-11-11 don't fs3d_copy opaqued files
    95-10-11 fs3d_mkdir virtual dir fix
    	 fix 2d virtual dir test in pathreal()
    	 solaris _rename() != weak rename()
    	 solaris exit() doesn't call _exit()
    	 all static data in state
    	 test state.in_2d in link3d()
    	 fix that was broken sometime after 91
    	 linux LD_BIND_NOW not needed with
    95-07-17 handle irix-5.3 struct stat64 and off64_t
    	 dlsym(__exit) before dlsym(_exit)
    95-05-09 fix pathcanon() bug that incremented state.path.level too far on ...
    	 percolate inode metadata changes to the top level too (no more EROFS)
    	 add P_TOP to truncate() too!
    	 feature/ does not generate #include, up to *3d.c
    	 spawnveg.c must come after spawnve.c in ast.c
    	 cspoll.c must come after cs*.c in cs.c
    	 fix 3d to work like $SHELL if no shared 3d lib found
    	 fix chdir .. symlink bug that set state.pwd to physical path
    	 add %n.n.nd to bvprintf
    	 ignore a few more non-initialization setcwd() errors
    95-01-19 fix undefined var ref for _VER_ hack calls in features/
    95-01-11 access W_OK succeeds if on lower view
    94-12-01 add /#fs/NAME/load to load shared lib fs
    	 add user system call trap() stack
    	 VPATH=*::* or VPATH=*:-:* to separate disjoint views
    	 change trap() to intercept()
    94-07-17 add /#fs/safe
    94-06-01 fix symlink() and link() bug that didn't instantiate virtual dir
    	 fix [f]statvfs() infinite loop for att hybrids
    94-05-11 merge with the real vcs
    	 add char*_3d_2d: if _3d_2d!=0&&getenv(_3d_2d)==0 then 2d
    	 trailing slash in pathreal() interpreted as slash dot (off/w test=010)
    93-05-28 add /#option/limit=n to limit view depth
    93-04-01 --- release 2.0 ---
    93-03-11 change /dev/3d/* to /#*
    	 remove anno and rpl specific hooks
    	 add name,monitor,active fs mounts
    92-04-01 --- release 1.1 ---
    92-02-11 change retained mounts to /dev/3d/dev
    92-01-11 add $SHELL and /bin/sh exec() checks to force 3d sh
    	 fix checklink() to concatenate relative links with original prefix
    91-11-11 --- release 1.0 ---
    	 add feature/ to handle att s5r4, hp snake, sun 4.1
    	 change umask() 3d state toggle to mount(-,/dev/3d/option/{2d,3d})
    	 fix creat() virtual dir bug for umteenth time
    	 link() and rename() now migrate to top instead of EROFS
    RELEASE notes for src/cmd/INIT/RELEASE
    12-07-17 add C code NOTE("...") to ammend --verbose output
    12-06-26 fix "npt foo" to handle function-like macro foo()
    12-06-20 use $KSH for rt in "results test"
    12-06-15 Makefile: add PLUGIN_LIB to $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths and BUILTIN_LIB => PLUGIN_LIB
    12-06-15 add PLUGIN_LIB to $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths and BUILTIN_LIB => PLUGIN_LIB
    12-06-13 handle admin.db column output
    12-06-08 fix 12-06-06 typo
    12-06-06 check for -l* in reverse and accumulative order (e.g., for -last & -lm)
    12-06-04 always check $INSTALLROOT/lib/package/profile
    12-05-31 Makefile: ID=ast; $(INSTALLROOT)/prototyped.h => $(INSTALLROOT)/$(ID)/prototyped.h
    12-05-28 api foo YYYYMMDD => FOOAPI(rel) test macro
    12-05-24 change admin.db comment => owner attributes
    12-04-25 ratz.c: add sear -k option to keep installation tmp dir on exit
    12-04-17 skip sh version logic for ``use''
    12-04-17*: _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE => _LARGE_FILE_API moved to libast/features
    12-04-09*: speak aixese for _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
    12-02-29 cc.darwin.i386*: handle default cc vs kernel bittedness
    12-02-29 C+probe: add __TIMESTAMP__ to the nopredefined list
    12-02-29 don't assume grep -q or /usr/local/lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    12-02-29 fix ksh vs -lcmd compatibility checks
    12-02-23 checkcc() before checkread() for sensible diagnostics
    12-02-14 { --clobber --compare --link=lib*.a* } for --mam=static
    12-02-14 export LICENSEFILEDEFAULT instead of LICENSEFILE
    12-02-14 handle @(cc|ld).${HOSTTYPE}* intercepts
    12-02-07 add { clean clobber } actions
    12-02-02 fix ulimit -c defaults for --nokeep
    12-01-18 add INPUT|OUTPUT|ERROR -e 'filter' to filter before comparison
    12-01-21 fix `admin make' bug that created unused $INSTALLROOT/lib
    12-01-21 Makefile: :PACKAGE: license=ast -- oops
    12-01-20 cc.darwin,cc.mvs.390: tmp=/tmp/cc.${USER:-$LOGNAME}.$$.err
    12-01-12 add admin make share closure to handle alternate HOSTTYPEs
    11-12-13 add /*<NOSTDIO>*/ test code comment to disable default #include <stdio.h>
    11-11-11 C+probe: test for .so before .sl
    11-10-26 don't forget about *.pkg for admin update
    11-10-18 cc.*-icc: update and add more
    11-10-11 handle package make|view when no source installed
    11-09-11 count admin '*** termination code' errors
    11-08-31 mamake.c: add -e, ignore use recursive prereq timestamps
    11-08-29 add ``set stdio try1.h - try2.h ...''
    11-08-29 trap EXIT => trap 0 for ancient sh
    11-08-11 handle ancient sort that doesn't have -k
    11-06-01 make.probe: add more /lib64 logic
    11-05-01 fix admin ditto to sync LICENSES too
    11-03-25 initialize { $SED $TR } before first use!
    11-03-21 fix vpath probes
    11-03-17 fix cleanup to rm $tmp* instead of $tmp*.*
    11-02-24 change curl usage to "curl -L ..."
    11-02-11,C+probe,make.probe, add ###.*archiac.*###
    11-02-02 Makefile: add :MAPLIB: check for ancient -lw
    11-02-02 make.probe: handle -print-multi-directory => 64 => /usr/lib64 /lib64
    11-02-02 HOSTTYPE=*,*cc*[,-*,...] sets CC [ and CCFLAGS ]
    11-02-02 make.probe: handle gcc $ORIGIN link but exec failure -- gee thanks
    11-01-25 cc.hp.ia64: bundled cc is a pile of shaving cream
    11-01-07 check debug==3 for is_hdr() failure
    10-11-22 fix timing problem between |& and exec &p
    10-11-10 fix cc cross compile check to use checkcc absolute path
    10-10-10 list main env vars at start of make action
    10-10-10 ratz.c: tweak widnows delays
    10-09-10 ratz.c: add _SEAR_ARGS for _SEAR_EXEC
    10-09-01 fix ratz from source logic
    10-08-25 consolidate license file search in .package.licenses.
    10-08-22 ratz.c: run sear bootstrap command detached
    10-08-20 C+probe: version_stamp only if version_flags works
    10-08-17 unset makerules *DIR variables in env
    10-08-15 "make" action now lists some env values
    10-08-11 add "DO command ..."
    10-07-27 handle "rt X=Y ..."
    10-06-29 ratz.c: non-option sear args passed to sear_exec()
    10-06-25 "api" op changed to not do "map-libc" type mappings
    10-06-25 "force admin ditto" => no ditto --update option
    10-06-22 C+probe: handle cc that require .[ci] input for version info
    10-06-21 change default remote access to ssh (about time)
    10-06-12 DISGNOSTICS [ 1 | 0 | pattern ] and fix EXIT for all
    10-06-09 add AT&T to usable nmake check
    10-06-06,iffe.tst: add { api ver } ops
    10-04-22 update "html binary|source" NAME/PASSWORD info
    10-04-15 don't forget candidate headers for hdr|sys!
    10-04-11 disable man page metarule -- now done by admin-man(1)
    10-02-14 $CC verification needs $INSTALLROOT/bin in PATH
    10-02-11 fix package admin make report error count
    10-02-02 fix write binary bug that did scp on local fs
    10-02-02 up to date binary targets must still be in PACKAGE.*.lst
    10-01-01 fix premature $INSTALLROOT/bin during cross compile check
    10-01-01 make.probe: handle ['"] in CC.VERSION.STRING
    09-12-04 add "opt name" to check for name in $PACKAGE_OPTIONS
    09-11-30 change RESET to STATE.RESET to make it global
    09-11-14 make.probe: use gcc { -print-multi-directory -print-search-dirs }
    09-11-11 re-order and combine cc checks
    09-10-27 C+probe,make.probe,probe.win32: add CC.SUFFIX.DEBUG
    09-10-21,Makefile: test -e is not in ksh88!
    09-10-06 handle cc -E #error with 0 exit status (sgi)
    09-10-06 stub in ar intercept checks -- not used yet
    09-10-06 add ar intercept because some aix require -Xfoo first!!
    09-09-24 fix UMASK logic to create test support files before umask
    09-08-28 release.c: change docs to mention stdin if no file operands
    09-08-24 fix isascii() bug that failed on od(1) trailing space
    09-08-20 make.probe: add CC.SHARED.NAME
    09-08-20 add { JOB CONTINUE EXITED KILL FIFO }
    09-08-11 filter lines containing : for package results
    09-07-31 make.probe: add CC.AR.ARFLAGS (for aix ar -xany)
    09-07-31,cc.*: fix -dumpmachine to handle 32/64/* bit options
    09-06-24 fix admin.db output formatting
    09-05-05 export dll hackery environment vars
    09-05-05 handle non-identifier hostnames
    09-05-05 mamake.c: pass undefined ${...} identifiers to the shell
    09-05-05 mamake.rt: add macro expansion regression tests
    09-05-01 fix output initialization *again*
    09-04-28 handle admin.db contact field $9
    09-04-15 add implicit "ini" op to initialize io for subsequent ops
    09-03-31 EXPORT before test => global ENVIRON[]
    09-03-26 test fail pattern is 'fail[es]'
    09-03-26 UNIT - ... appends (options) to command line
    09-03-19 x.tst => x only if x is command target
    09-03-15 add ${MAIN} for base name of main unit
    09-03-10 add .SOURCE:tests if tests is a dir
    09-03-03 allow command line unit to override UNIT
    09-03-03 handle IO == $'\n'
    09-02-02 delay $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths generation until mamprobe runs
    09-01-30 cc.mvs.390: c89 balks at [ ()] in -Dname="..."!
    09-01-27 add isascii() to use ratz instead of tar
    09-01-20 add --size=bytes option
    09-01-08 add test.* prereqs, multiple arg lists with :T=*: binding
    09-01-03 fix UNIT to allow command line override
    09-01-03 handle TWD
    08-12-24 fix cross-compile HOSTTYPE logic
    08-12-15, handle http codes { 301 302 303 }
    08-10-16 make.probe '-fno-stack-protector -fno-stack-protector-all' to cop out!!
    08-09-30 fix ksh93 regression test signal count
    08-09-26 ignore SIGPIPE for SET pipe-input
    08-09-24 package only test foo => make --recurse=only recurse tests foo
    08-09-20 make.probe: handle another /usr/bin/file shared lib description
    08-09-20 add --pipefail for SET pipe-input ...
    08-09-17 Makefile: add gdbm1.c for <gdbm-ndbm.h>
    08-09-10 make.probe: add CC.NOPROTECT
    08-08-08 add --width=width
    08-08-05 dbm.req: favor sleepycat ndbm compatibility
    08-08-04 C+probe: fix stdlib initialization logic
    08-06-24 fix $INSTALLROOT/bin/cc intercept time stamp file typo
    08-06-20 make the localyunit before *.rt => *.tst -- doh
    08-06-20 prepend $PWD onto PATH for local units -- doh^2
    08-06-11 fix bug that skipped the last test
    08-05-20 add --local to put *.tmp dir in local fs
    08-05-05 add IF command ... ELIF command ... ELSE ... FI
    08-05-01 package test => ulimit -c 0
    08-04-28 fix EXPORT quoting
    08-04-28 fix UNIT set check args too
    08-04-24 exit code > 256 => signal termination
    08-04-10 C+probe: change probe_so order to check .so last (macos ld workaround)
    08-04-01 handle multiple admin HOSTTYPEs per HOST
    08-03-28 C+probe: add C++ #include <iostream> (no extension) dir probes
    08-03-17 fix trap on EXIT, add terminated note to final tally
    08-02-28 make.probe: fix probe_warn to include ld!
    08-02-02 make.probe: add CC.RUNPATH to match default -L order
    08-01-31 check lib64 for LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    08-01-31 tweak ancient /bin/sh workarounds
    08-01-28 make.probe: darwin ld export dynamic is -force_flat_namespace
    08-01-28 C+probe: handle sgi cc error message but exit 0 botch(es)
    08-01-23 fix checksum doc typo
    08-01-09 C+probe: add __FUNCTION__ to the undef (don't check) list
    07-12-14 add set nooptimize
    07-12-03 add LC_ALL=C
    07-11-27 fix overaggressive *.md5 cleanup
    07-11-20 treat exit status >= 250 as normal error with no signal
    07-11-05 fix write op error count pattern
    07-11-05 fix $(~req) .ver binding
    07-08-11 probe.win32: add cl.exe setuid workaround, CC.VERSION[.STRING]
    07-08-01 handle 'package read lcl|tgz'
    07-05-08 execute basename instead of absolute path for short $0
    07-04-27 cc.sgi.mips[34]: for #error to exit non-zero -- a no brainer
    07-04-20 defer to systems without 'grep -q' -- sigh
    07-04-11 handle $(CC.*) => ${mam_cc_*}, $(...) => ${...}
    07-04-11 make.probe: fix CC.PICBIG probe, default { CC.PIC CC.DLL } to BIG
    07-04-04 prepend ${tst}${ext} to each .c probe
    07-03-28 fix binary tgz architecture type duplication
    07-03-28 add binary write PACKAGE.$HOSTTYPE.lst
    07-03-28 add -F header to mac test
    07-03-23 make.probe: handle file(1) that returns 'archive' for .so
    07-03-22 fix STDED probe for implementations that ignore EOF
    07-03-11 add nocopyright and tst => nocopyright
    07-03-11 add copyright=0
    07-03-08 C+probe: restore IFS after probe.ini
    07-02-26 mamake.c: expand first of ${mam_lib*} for ${AR}
    07-01-05 fix "admin write binary" logic
    07-01-01 add "cmd" --verbose trace
    07-01-01 sort => LC_ALL=C sort
    07-01-01 C+probe: LC_ALL=C
    06-12-22 make.probe: lean on gcc -v for stdlib, but preserve /usr/local!
    06-11-23 *.md5 are not tarballs -- doh
    06-11-23 add -F, --features=feature-test-header
    06-11-11 make.probe: favor lib64 over lib for hosttype==*64
    06-10-31 make.probe: add "-ignore-source-dir -iquote" test
    06-10-31 add status{...} code block
    06-10-11 fix DO to handle {...} (time for regress.tst?)
    06-10-11 handle already gunzip'd *.tgz
    06-10-06 add reference for header content tests
    06-09-27 fix UMASK to do DO too (duh)
    06-09-22 drop -O for npt tests (for msvc intrinsics)
    06-09-14 cc.darwin: drop -O until gcc 4.* gets its act together
    06-09-11 { cc ld ldd } intercepts check ${HOSTTYPE%.*} too
    06-09-08 add PIPE INPUT|OUTPUT for pipe io
    06-09-05 C+probe: add { probe_version version_stamp version_string }
    06-09-05 make.probe: add version stamp comment, CC.VERSION[.STRING]
    06-08-27, add UMASK
    06-08-25 add -b,--ignore-space,IGNORESPACE
    06-08-25 add IGNORESPACE
    06-08-24 handle \000 in data
    06-08-24 handle -f* for INPUT|OUTPUT|ERROR
    06-08-16 fix 'install flat' logic
    06-08-11 handle style=shell %K date format
    06-07-17 ratz.c: fix __MVS__ FAR definition
    06-07-17 "header x.h" -- deprecate "include x.h" for .SCAN.iffe
    06-07-17 differentiate urls vs. assignments
    06-06-27 add --failed, --heading
    06-06-27 C+probe,,make.probe,, 'ulimit -c 0'
    06-06-26 cc.darwin.ppc: handle -lcc_dynamic disappearance
    06-06-25 implement PROG
    06-06-11 Makefile: add -ldbm :MAPLIB:, provide public
    06-05-06 add PACKAGE_admin_tail_timeout
    06-05-22 ratz.c: upgrade to zlib-1.2.3
    06-05-09 fix admin.db docs
    06-03-11 fix `package use - command ...'
    06-03-05 make.probe: work around pedantic bash 3.1 mismatched " in `.`
    06-02-14 "results failed test" == "results test failed"
    	 cc.sgi.*: add _AST_cc_OPTIONS parameterization, -OPT:Olimit=0
    	 cc.linux.ia64-icc: add for intel cc
    06-02-02 freebsd stuck with os version for all arch
    06-02-01 fix locale logic (tw -d requires dir arg)
    06-01-31 require $CC only for make|test
    06-01-30, use the backwards-compatible --http-passwd add more pdksh => /bin/sh checks
    06-01-26 wget --http-pass => --http-password fix wget error logic wget --http-pass => --http-password
    06-01-11 pass package.license.class to make --mam too variants=pattern => --variants=pattern darwin rel<=7 => darwin7.ppc freebsd rel<=4 => freebsd4 freebsd rel<=5 => freebsd5
    05-12-07 don't emit <stdio.h> if <sfio.h>|<ast.h> (XXX)
    05-12-05 make.probe: disable readonly.exe core dump via ulimit -c 0
    05-09-22 add EXEC [ ++NOOUTPUT ++NOERROR ++NOEXIT ]
    05-09-21 fix --style=shell compare to ignore \r
    05-09-12 all --force to force %.rt regeneration
    05-09-05 regenerate from %.rt only if newer, :SAVE: %.tst
    05-08-25 add add %.rt=>%.tst for mktest
    05-08-18 'package host cpu' now checks $NPROC first
    05-07-17 add { define extern include print } ops accept output{...}end output on success only -- doh
    05-07-01 add TARPROBE for tar B flag probe
    05-06-24 fix binary read chmod via *.sum
    05-06-06 fix KEEP_HOSTTYPE logic to handle synthesized types
    05-06-01 make.probe: verify that cc_pic works for hosted cc
    	 cc.lynxos.ppc: make -mshared the default note $INSTALLROOT/bin/@(cc|ld|ldd) installation
    05-05-25 make.probe: add CC.INCLUDE.LOCAL instead of -I- in CC.DIALECT
    05-05-24 really fix grouping logic -- with tests this time pipe/socket configuration mismatches => use /bin/sh
    05-04-28 add $(TESTS)
    05-04-19 package results test uses rt if possible fix 'op var - ... - ...' grouping logic
    05-04-15 handle autom4ate style
    05-04-11 fix unit name when command line unit also specified handle all ast package test output formats fix make docs for options passed to underlying make
    05-04-08 cp -p to $OK to preserve mtime add "TITLE name" to change TEST output title
    05-04-01 add pretty make test + wrapper
    05-03-29 test -e path => test -f path -o -d path
    05-03-24 make.probe: fix CC.PICBIG probe to prefer -fPIC over -fpic -- doh
    05-03-19 mamake.c: command line name=var also defines name.FORCE=var
    05-03-11 unset LC_ALL when LC_* EXPORT'd old make.out saved in circular make.out.[1-9]
    	 mamake.c: sync with nmake :W=O:
    05-03-01 fix flat hierarchy initialization admin action now properly resets sibling remote logs relax unknown/unwritten package messages to warnings handle space in command line name=value
    	 make.probe: add mvs -Wc,dll,exportall,longname,rent to CC.DLL probe
    05-02-24 hosttype *.powerpc => *.ppc
    	 cc.lynxos.ppc,ldd.lynxos.ppc: add
    05-02-22 mamake.c: fix { -G --debug-symbols -S --strip-symbols } MAMAKEFLAGS bug
    05-02-20 probe.win32: handle /platformsdk mount
    05-02-19, add write tst for tgz in tst subdir
    05-02-18 accept cc -dumpmachine with 0 or 1 -
    05-02-14 handle mutiple architectures per host in admin.db
    	 Makefile, honor $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths overrides normalize trailing [-_]bits in host type some ksh-compatible shells don't do *(pattern)
    05-02-11 back out 05-01-11 child process stdin hijack
    	 cc.lynxos.i386: -dynamic instead of -static default
    05-02-10 cyg usr/doc => usr/share/doc
    05-02-08 drop -m with pax -- delta bug fixed 2005-02-08 work around old bash 0<... redirection bug
    05-02-06 source.tgz: update generated files only when they change
    05-02-02 *.sh,*probe: IFS may be unset and { ash bsh } don't on startup -- wow
    05-01-11 update setup docs to include authorize+password fix .source.cyg final directory edit notice=1 for conspicuous empty NOTICE file fix *-index.html installation retain input file suffix in tmp copy
    	 mamexec.c: fix non-contiguous "exec" bug that skipped lines fix candidate lib test to try grouping subsequent libs fix child process stdin hijack that skipped input lines --shell=osh to force read -r compatibility command chop iffe input leading space before # for KnR compatibility
    05-01-05 add ${TAR} ${TARFLAGS} and tar B flag for pipes
    	 mamake.c: fix makefile scan to ignore lib*.[hH] immunize function/symbol tests from aggressive -O
    04-12-28 add :WWWPAGE: faq.*.mm index generator
    04-12-21 ratz.c: make sure tmp dir is writable -- doh
    04-12-08 fix dat test for aggressive -O
    04-12-01 add `include file' to pull in #define's for `exp'
    04-11-11 default MAKESKIP is "*[-.]*"
    04-10-22 ratz.c: change docs to note zlib license
    	 mamake.c: handle --debug-symbols and --strip-symbols make (debug|strip)=1 => --(debug|strip)-symbols add :LICENSE: => package.license.class
    	 mamake.c: fix recursive order logic
    04-10-18 add :LICENSE:, :OMIT: to omit package subdirs
    04-10-11 add 'authorize name' and 'password password'
    04-10-01 double check $static link with ! $static
    	 Makefile: add BUILTIN_LIB to $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths
    	 make.probe: add CC.DIALECT EXPORT={ALL,REF,EXT,DLL} add BUILTIN_LIB to $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths
    04-09-21 $(init)$(name) is now an implicit prereq
    04-09-09 copy to $INSTALLROOT/bin/ok
    04-09-01, rename *.txt => *.README add the runtime package type (no *.[ah]) fix key test reports
    04-08-26 Makefile: { add m2.c m3.c } -lm tests for { frexp[l] ldexp[l] }
    04-08-11 handle HOSTTYPE for solaris > 9 add `checkaout proto' for { make view } check for { md5sum md5 } add {if|elif|else|endif} test ... add 'exp - expression' and '( expression )' add 'name = test ...' user defined macros add '! test ...' negation add implied { .c .sh } generated prereq
    	 cc.darwin.ppc: handle 10.3 -dylib mess
    04-08-01 let include handle nested requirements -- duh
    04-07-31 attempt a second ping before admin assumes host down
    04-07-26 fix hp.ia64 HOSTTYPE
    04-07-23 probe.win32: generalize #include dir order search
    04-07-17 add INPUT -x for chmod +x
    04-07-01 TMP => TWD
    04-06-29 put COMMAND in $TWD too
    04-06-21 mkdir -p INPUT and OUTPUT intermediate dirs add :TEST: -- to disable .c .sh search
    04-06-18 add .SCAN.tst
    04-06-17 TEST returns true if active, false otherwise add CD to change test pwd from $TWD
    04-06-16 add TWD for ./unit.tmp override DO now flushes previous test INPUT and OUTPUT handle -f for printf instead of print
    04-06-11 make sure $INSTALLROOT/bin is in front of $PATH skip nmake if older than 2000-10-31
    04-05-20 fix arg vs. package parse with - or '' to disambuguate
    04-05-11 package verbose update lists closure for package setup add src/lib/libardir to nmake proto bootstrap probe for rm -u vs. chmod -R u+rwx
    04-05-01 $CC must be C, not C++; allow release command on $PATH
    04-04-15 make.probe: check probe_libdir false positives add lib/package/*.lic src package subdirs add mamfile=0 to inhibit Mamfile generation config name_DECLARED => HAVE_name_DECL fix mac to handle default value
    04-04-11 normalize sed [\\\\/] quoting
    04-04-04 only checksum generated tarballs add STDCHMOD
    04-04-01 C+probe: set export LANG=C for uniform error messages
    	 make.probe: another CC.STDLIB tweak fix regress core dump pattern, expand [a-z] match ranges
    04-03-31 Makefile: add intl :MAPLIB: test
    	 make.probe: fix CC.STDLIB search; drop CC.* path duplicates
    04-03-28 drop unused exec $stdin<&0 dup
    04-03-25 Makefile: add iconv :MAPLIB: use ${PING:-ping -c 1 -w 4}, allowing admin.db override
    04-03-24 add *.md5 checksum for each *.(c|exe|tgz) update base change on md5 sum instead of size adjust case label \ and keyword quoting for ancient /bin/sh
    04-03-22 probe.win32: ncc => nld
    04-03-19 change the instructions and old source dir default fix recurse=list check add *.md5 checksum for each *.(c|exe|tgz) fix update base/delta/sync existence check
    04-03-18 -d2 does not remove core dumps on exit
    04-03-17 fix make recurse arg/action order
    04-02-29 add regress action to compare current and previous tests fix sgi.mips[23] HOSTTYPE test for old irix cc add `export variable ...' admin action now handles host name with non-id chars non-numeric M T W in admin.db disables that action fix admin write binary local vs. shared clash add _AST_CC_hp_pa_DEFAULT=+DAportable
    	 cc.hp.pa64: sync with -bnolibpath => -blibpath:/usr/lib:/lib
    	 probe.win32: sync with make.probe
    	 make.probe: fix last chance dynamic test
    	 make.probe: add CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC -Wl,-E
    	 make.probe: add ibm.risc CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC -bexpall
    	 make.probe: move probe_dll_def to the end of probe_dll capture subcomponent mamfile recursion
    04-02-24 make.probe: strip "..." from cc/ld traces add ``set [no]define'' to disable macro #define/#undef
    04-02-23 make.probe: rework CC.LD search
    04-02-14 make.probe: add CC.EXPORT.DYNAMIC for main dynamic sym export
    	 make.probe: resurrect CC.PIC with separate semantics from CC.DLL
    	 make.probe: add CC.SHARED.LD for CC.SHARED linker
    	 C+probe: clear DISPLAY to stifle interactive windows
    04-02-11 handle ``siz void*'', add cross{ ... }end
    	 make.probe: add { CC.AR CC.SIZE }, fix cross command search
    	 cc.darwin.ppc: change $cc => $CC for old ksh + libast conf bug
    04-02-09 make.probe: drop -nostartfiles from CC.SHARED for C++
    04-02-04 fix cross compilation bug that mixed binary formats
    04-02-02 package admin now ditto's bin/package too
    04-01-30 cc.sgi.mips3: drop warning 3421
    04-01-11 output label#count for tests in loops
    04-01-05 fix bug that ignored the first SAME
    04-01-04 fix typo that did not recognize rcp
    03-12-19 mamake.c: add `foolib:foo:libfoo' to recurse()
    03-10-11 add EXPORT, export COLUMNS=80 for message consistency
    03-09-23 ratz.c: fix tar header number parse bug that skipped to next number rm cleanup now handles files matching -*
    03-09-11 add unnamed { ... } blocks add COPY from to, like MOVE but comprison still done rm -rfu to handle test dirs w/o u+rwx
    03-08-14 Makfile: add hello.c to the manifest
    03-08-11 fix `html binary' generation
    03-06-21 fix INITROOT initialization bug make sure admin logs exists before tail'ing
    03-06-11 probe.win32: fix $(BINDIR) typo that expanded in sh instead of make
    	 cc.mvs.390: return code 4 yields exit code 3 but its *really* ok fix onpath function global var conflict
    	 make.probe: add CC.DIALECT { GNU -dD } add Mamfile to lcl manifest
    03-06-10 fix setup action typo that only checked the INIT package *.s390x => *.s390-64
    03-06-09 add cyg :POSTINSTALL:
    03-06-08 make.probe: fix CC.STDLIB logic add User-Agent identification tweak source and binary installation instructions, +-Wl,+cdp,${INSTALLROOT}/lib/: drops abs lib paths add
    03-06-06 fix $INSTALLROOT/bin/ldd check
    	 make.probe: add CC.STDLIB verification
    03-06-04 make.probe: add +forceread +noforceread
    03-05-11 handle http://host:port/path
    03-05-06 fix setup action PACKAGEROOT and INIT logic
    03-05-05 fix cygwin tarball names
    03-04-30 move (cc|ld|ldd).$HOSTTYPE updates from Makefile
    03-04-27 make.probe: fix mvs CC.PREFIX.SHARED "lib" => ""
    	 make.probe: add CC.DLL.DIR = $(BINDIR) or $(LIBDIR)
    	 probe.win32: sync with latest CC.*
    03-04-25 add args to `. $makeprobe' for ancient sh
    03-04-23 fix dup "covered by" licenses
    03-04-22 probe.win32: CC.DIALECT += "LIBPP -I-" for all cc's fix admin write binary tarball snarf
    03-04-21 package covered *.@(pkg|lic) too
    03-04-15 don't generate incremental archives for lcl add incremental=[source:1 binary:0] archive control generate $INSTALLROOT/bin/cc wrapper for CC != cc admin must ditto lib/package/*.@(pkg|lic) too
    	 mamake.c: ignore time of ignore prereqs
    	 mamake.c: -D2 lists propagated times
    03-04-11 tidy up cyg tarballs fix old shell clash between get() and $get
    03-04-05 restore *.inx generation somehow lost during cyg additions add pthread_num_processors_np() last resort for cpu count use `make believe' to accept mamake generated files handle `make [make-flags] [target ...]'
    	 mamake.c: ignore -e
    03-03-21 fix cyg old make typo switch to `package setup' instructions
    03-03-19 add registry checks for `host cpu' `results failed' now lists core dump messages
    03-03-17 on cygwin verify 'ntsec binmode' in $CYGWIN or die
    	 Makefile: install gcc wrapper if no cc add :DETAILS: { :README: :EXPORT: :INSTALL: :TEST: } ops
    03-03-12 add :DETAILS: for style-specific details
    03-03-11 add beta setup/update support add (TESTCC) prereq for .sh tests
    03-03-07 add
    03-03-06 fix lib win32 test cygwin vs native incompatibility change internal stdio.h guard to handle C++ inline vs. macro
    03-03-03 check for curl or wget for update add setup action == update read make fix packageroot() typo that showed up in non ~user shells
    	 mamake.c: treat name+=value args like name=value
    	 mamake.c: add ${var?*|value?match?no-match?}
    	 mamake.c: fix archive vs. dynamic bind logic
    03-02-28 add the "cyg" (cygwin) package type add "cyg" stubs, :CATEGORY: for category name(s)
    03-02-25 mamake.c: add -D4 system(3) debug trace
    03-02-24 change --mismatch to --corrupt=accept
    03-02-14 ratz.c: add _WIN32 setmode([01],O_BINARY) and fopen "rb"/"wb"
    03-02-12 Makefile: handle getconf LIBPATH with host pattern
    03-01-31 fix .lic search
    03-01-30 handle { INIT ksh nmake } already installed elsewhere admin handles command outside of $PACKAGEROOT/bin
    	 Makefile: install $(INSTALLROOT)/lib/make/
    03-01-28 admin remote commands on one line to please syslog
    03-01-23 probe.win32: borland and mingw32 tweaks
    03-01-22 fix $CC test to ignore set -x trace -- duh
    03-01-16 tw --chop on by default
    03-01-14 use /bin/cp to copy previous binaries to bin/ok/ admin now initiates remote exec and copy from local host
    03-01-12 handle admin "xxx:" default root
    03-01-03 probe.win32: add /usr/include/borland path truncation workaround
    02-12-10 add <&$nullin >&$nullout to checkread() $cc
    02-12-06 probe.win32: fix inlcude => include typo, add lcc lib
    	 probe.win32: CC.MAKE.OPTIONS = nativepp=0
    02-12-04 mamake.c: fix ${foo-bar} to expand foo if defined
    02-11-28 probe.win32: add C++ and -I- CC.DIALECT checks
    02-11-26 package release now checks for second level files
    02-11-22 update action now uses HTTP/1.0
    02-11-21 probe.win32: update the vc include dir test
    02-11-20 make.probe: fix CC.LD.ORIGIN typo that expanded make var
    02-11-13 fix list.install => list.installed typo
    02-11-12 make.probe: add CC.LD.ORIGIN for a.out origin dir relative dll search
    	 make.probe: add CC.LD.STRIP for link time a.out strip fix package_use vs. PACKAGE_USE check
    02-10-24 fix bug that required a :WWWBIN: assertion to post
    02-10-23 mamake.c: fix unuinitialized time in make()
    	 ratz.c: fix meter buffer overflow
    02-10-20 fix lib/probe/C/make/probe update test
    02-10-18 probe.win32: update for mingw
    	 make.probe: add bash workaround to SHELLMAGIC test work around yet another cygwin hassle
    02-10-17 short circuit id check for *[-+/\\]*
    02-10-08 unset FIGNORE to avoid rm . errors unset FIGNORE to avoid rm . errors $CC must at least compile and executable hello world
    02-10-04 $INSTALLROOT/lib/package/tgz=>$PACKAGEROOT/lib/package/tgz $(ED) => $(STDED), $(EDFLAGS) => $(STDEDFLAGS) add identifier checks for tests that (implicitly) require them disambiguate a few --config macros
    02-10-02 fix shell=bsh `hdr a/b'
    02-09-30 handle chmod of -* files verify that $SHELL is Bourne compatible tighten PACKAGE_USE logic PATH,LIBPATH,etc. validation fix bug that didn't define mac variable on success
    02-09-22 handle admin_action=ditto --config sizeof(foo) macro is SIZEOF_foo fix long.long test so it doesn't defeat uwin "typ long.long" convert $("foo") nmake string constants
    02-09-21 "-" info-path writes probe info to stdout
    02-09-11 make.probe: move from nmake src to be part of
    	 mamprobe: generate from mamprobe.beg C.probe make.probe mamprobe.end
    	 mamake.c: pass cc absolute path to mamprobe generate mamprobe -- yuk (at least its confined to INIT) lcl,nxt: drop default sys/ check tw --logical by default; add --physical
    02-09-10 SHELLMAGIC creeps into package too -- duh and fooey
    02-09-09 test that remote .profile exists before sourcing
    02-09-06 don't ditto nfs junk --show now lists directory ops instead of enumerating all
    02-09-05 add --remote={rsh|ssh} add admin [[{rsh|ssh|-}]:]directory
    02-09-02 change 'print -r --' to 'print -r -' for ksh86 compatibility
    02-09-01 cc.unix.mc68k: add for ancient 3b1
    02-08-22 fix component() to test for components -- duh
    	 Makefile: add LICENSE:.DONTCARE to workaround mam
    02-08-11 provide defaults for LD_* additions
    02-08-07 ratz.c: change -m to use * instead of non-portable inverse video
    02-07-17 close tmp file in trap before rm for cygwin fix "type" to handle i1586 (P4) add the view action
    02-06-28 handle multiple packages for release action
    02-06-27 catch sol*.sparc=>sol*.sun4 when CC=gcc
    02-06-14 fix admin_action to not include qualifiers fix help/html doc typo
    02-06-11 fix ditto update doc to `PACKAGEROOT field matching *:*'
    02-06-07 change substitute $("\n") to \n
    02-06-06 clarify output streams for help/html
    02-05-22 mamake.c: fix executable file check to use (S_IXUSR|S_IXGRP|S_IXOTH)
    02-04-04 fix update to differentiate *.sun4 and sun4
    02-03-27 yacc/bison warning only if both missing
    02-03-24 mamake.c: all shell actions wrapped with -c to avoid #! problems
    02-03-23 recover $PACKAGEROOT/bin/package if not in INIT package precheck $CC, not `cc' fix install to use pax -ps to preserve set-uid/gid fix install to use list.installed for existing files only
    02-03-17 fix PAX initialization that was sometimes omitted for read fix update delta sync fetch
    02-02-14 fix macro{ }end docs to include " add dfn to extract #define from headers handle nxt #include ok but no line sync drop local header clash logic add -X, --exclude=dir to exclude -I dirs lcl,nxt now generate <...> headers instead of "..." admin.db root dir matching -* disables host fix package.src.pat typo -- too many ) add { :COVERS: :DESCRIPTION: :REQUIRES: } handle { :COVERS: :DESCRIPTION: :REQUIRES: }
    	 Makefile: move proto.c generation to the proto component dir
    02-02-02 add for .exe challenged win32 systems/commands add STD* commands/flags
    	 mamake.c: update mamprobe info when older than mamprobe executable move ed/ex workaround to fix `host type' bug that incorrectly assumed sun4 for sol add execrate(1) hooks for challenged systems add check for { cc ar nm yacc/bison } before make
    	 ratz.c: fix "rb" vs. "r" macro tests add nxt, similar to lcl but defines _nxt_foo for #include, remove vaibale from sccs,cvs ident strings -- duh
    02-01-24 C+probe: check CC.DYNAMIC to handle cc that accept but ignore -B* handle 'mem struct.a.b'
    02-01-22 cache (internal) `foo vs. struct foo' test results uts.370 => uts.390
    02-01-18 fix uts hosttype
    02-01-17 add 'results failed ...' to list failures only change ARCH internal var to all_types to avoid env conflict fix hdr/lib precheck that missed some -- ouch fix noexecute test that forgot to check compile first!
    02-01-15 ratz.c: fix path[] type typo
    02-01-01 tighten license search
    02-01-08 `pwd` => ${PWD:-`pwd`} expand license file pattern match
    02-01-04 fix `exp name "value"' bug that duped "value" fix initial <sys/types.h> check to honor --config
    01-12-25 fix bug where -o file restored old file
    01-12-23 uniq the closure lists
    01-12-07 ratz.c: fix --meter to retain paths containing " -- "
    01-11-30 ratz.c: use sear_system() to execute; should work on all windows
    01-11-28 ratz.c: fix sear_rm_r() to check SetCurrentDirectory() status
    01-11-26 drop n+=v for ksh compatibility
    01-11-21 add rsync script replacement [hey, it works!] add [ditto]:directory notation to admin.db
    01-10-31 handle *.sum paths with embedded space change executable() to onpath() executable([!] foo) replaces test [!] -x foo (.exe hack) add os2 fix to `host type'
    	 mamake.c: add .exe hack fix intrinsic function lib test update pic probe to match make.probe for linux.ia64
    01-10-30 make action skeleton view now checks subdirs
    01-10-20 don't recurse into leaf dirs matching $MAKESKIP tarball package.notice replaces `license accepted' prompt eliminate `license accepted' prompt add update to download latest from a url use builtin arithmetic when we know its ksh unkown -> unknown
    01-10-18 convert to YYYY-MM-DD delta releases instead of NNNN convert to YYYY-MM-DD delta releases instead of NNNN
    	 ratz.c: fix -m for paths containing \f\n\r\v
    01-10-16 ratz.c: _SEA_* => SEAR_*
    	 ratz.c: preserve stdin for sear_exec()
    	 ratz.c: add recursive sear_rm_r() to sear_exec() tmp dir cleanup
    01-10-10 add mam_cc_SHELLMAGIC add nfs wakeup call to admin to avoid stale file handles
    01-10-04 cc.darwin.ppc: -flat_namespace is not longer the default (huh)
    01-10-01 package make: prepend $INSTALLROOT/bin/ok to PATH
    	 package read: save cpy of bin/package when reading the INIT package allow cc path with optional arguments
    01-09-24 Makefile, add $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths initialization
    01-09-19 add recurse to list.package.* bootstrap build nmake with _BLD_STATIC for _WIN32
    01-09-11 ratz.c: add _SEA_SKIP & _SEA_COMMAND for self extracting archives
    01-09-07 fix output capture to not generate files names with spaces
    01-09-07 fix delta release number search
    01-08-11 handle single gz executable packages (e.g., for ksh) fix package install to require nmake only if no *.sum drop ancient menu and prompt actions; check ./hdr.h clash
    01-07-17 package: fix use cross compile test to generate files in /tmp
    01-06-27 ratz: handle hard and soft links if possible
    01-06-07 Makefile: fix :MAPLIB: for sco
    01-05-31 add add -x crosstype to run crossexec exp test now handles pass{}end fail{}end yes{}end no{}end add package host canon external-host-type-name fix `use USER' lookup for shells that support ~USER
    	 cc.*: add -dumpmachine to dump target HOSTTYPE
    01-05-18 drop $HOME/tmp/ debug trace -- oops
    01-05-01 mamake.c: scan() now handles :PACKAGE: foo:command
    01-04-26 *.sh: expand [a-z][A-Z][0-9] for non-contiguous character codes fix run *.sh for shells that don't $* across . command
    	 cc.mvs.390: recode for /bin/sh
    01-04-25 include non cc-g variants by default *[._]* => *?[_.]* for mvs.390 /bin/sh
    01-04-24 no tests for VARIANT=="DLL"
    01-04-22, tarball text members are ascii encoded
    01-04-18 allow package name to be the same as one of its components
             cc.mvs.390: handle .C .cpp .cxx
             cc.mvs.390: compensate for -o that does not overwrite
    01-04-01 regress: fix SAME that just skipped it -- we should regress regress!
    	 iffe: fix bug that didn't emit _hdr_foo for internal hdr tests
    	 iffe: fix lcl bug for cc -E that doesn't emit line syncs
    	 ratz: add ascii=>ebcdic conversion for text archive members
    	 mamake: fix buffer overlap bug that clobbered the probe file path
    01-03-17 iffe: handle : separator as first arg
    01-03-15 mamake.c,ratz.c,release.c: add <stdlib.h> and <string.h>
    01-02-26 fix bug that omitted runtime #define for `mac' op
    01-02-22 handle SF_CLOSE clash in <sfio.h>
    01-02-14 cc.sgi.mips3,cc.sgi.mips4: handle -mips2 -mips3 -mips4 for cross cc
    	 C+probe: quote "$cc" when its an argument!
    	 mamake: execute actions with $SHELL, ignored signals back to default nmake check error output to /dev/null fix INIT a.out updates for knr cc package list now handles large tgz dirs *-ok executables moved to ok/* for *.dll systems change "exec >&-" to "exec >/dev/null" else linux mkdir fails!
    	 mamake: handle `bind -lx [dontcare]'
    01-02-12 ratz.c: fix _PACKAGE_ast includes $HOSTTYPE env overrides if $PACKAGEROOT/arch/$HOSTTYPE/ $CC ^HOSTTYPE=[A-Za-z_0-9.]*$ overrides HOSTTYPE fix dat code that used previous $tmp.exe fix dat code for _DLL imports
    01-02-09 add copy() for shells with the dissappearing here doc bug
    01-02-08 Makefile: guard against null $(CC.HOSTTYPE)
    01-02-06 Makefile: separate out cc,ld,ldd workarounds (so they will be packaged)
    01-02-02 fix package use for $INSTALLROOT != */$HOSTTYPE create intermediate recursion makefiles when needed add $SECONDS to the DEBUG trace prompt
    01-01-01 ratz.c: #ifdef for uwin ncc, check PACKAGE_PATH for local installations add psrinfo for osf.alpha host cpu change pax --meter probe; some hang on /dev/tty fix `install flat ARCH'
    	 mamake: eliminate loops from scan order
    	 C+probe: add probe_verbose -V for aix cc=xlc, add list refs to top-level licenses only add local link table to change log html
    00-12-25 `no package archives' is a hard error, duh reorder host type logic for lame shells
    	 mamake.c: getcwd => getwd for NeXT -- how about posix==default guys really gross workaround for NeXT -lposix stdout null's handle cc -E that insists on compiling
    00-12-15 ancient sh function call blows $*; call only when $# == 0
    	 *.sh: `getopts 2>/dev/null` => `(getopts)2>/dev/null` for ancient sh fix LD_LIBRARY*_PATH initialization add for _POSIX_SOURCE and linker multiply defined syms
    00-12-12 ratz: add --meter a few VPATH fixes
    	 Makefile: don't override *.mips* cc if -version not accepted
    00-12-11 *.inx now contains name=value
    00-12-07 handle PC netscape . => _ pathname mangle .tar.gz => .tgz
    00-11-27 add checklicense() to do license checks at read time change component list from preformat to table
    00-10-31 *.pkg must assert closure add cc- variants to list.package.binary omit dups from package list invalid arg gives one line Usage relax checkaout checks for non-owners package use sets NPROC if not already set or [01]
    	 proto.c: add $(INSTALLROOT)/include/ast hack
    00-10-26 add .SOURCE rhs to :WWWPAGE:
    00-10-25 package: fix install add list.install
    00-10-22 regress: fix VIEW to skip empty dirs
    00-10-19 $(PACKAGEROOT)/bin/nmake => $(PACKAGEROOT)/bin/manmake
    	 iffe: validate #define identifiers
    00-10-18 C+probe: mac os10 additions
    	 package: add DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH initialization
    	 add ldd.$(CC.HOSTTYPE)
    00-10-01 iffe: handle -I* -L* options
    00-09-21 mamake: add libxxx and xxx to makefile ordered prereqs
    00-09-19 C+probe: add probe_longlong
    00-09-11 package: drop manmake and $PACKAGEROOT/bin/nmake
    00-09-08 iffe: verfiy that $cc is a C compiler
    00-06-14 mamprobe: fix win32.* probe
    	 mamake: fix bug that used lower view path for generation
    	 package: don't clobber $PACKAGEROOT/bin/nmake
    00-06-01 C+probe: fix stdinclude *again*
    	 package: fix write delta source to use default pax format
    	 package: add disambiguating bias for sgi.mips3 over sgi.mips4 fix for directory content packages lib ast-locale
    00-05-01 iffe: fix invalid _LIB_ macro identifier
    00-04-11 C+probe: uniq stdinclude and stdlib, fix usrinclude
    00-04-01 regress: fix explicit OUTPUT bug that didn't compare with expected
    00-03-17 package: all archives are .tgz for binary download
    	 package: $(PACKAGEROOT)/LICENSES/* in source and binary archives
    	 package: implement install and verify actions
    	 iffe: add exp, pth file dir ..., fix lib - -lfoo, fix lib - - -la -lb
    	 iffe: -L* must affect LD_LIBRARY* hacks for .exe tests -- yuk add *.pkg :INDEX:
    00-03-07 package: add admin action
    00-03-06 makefile: install optional make probe override script C+make+probe.lcl
    00-02-14 --- release 1.0 ---
    	 ratz: treat "foo/" as a dir, not a regular file
    	 package: clarify source and binary installation instructions
    	 package: fix so binary packages can install without cc
    	 package: "ratz" now a non-archive package (the only one) for bootstrap
    	 package: handle VPATH=a:b arg "ratz" package adjustments
    	 Makefile: use :PACKAGE_INIT: to support binary INIT packages add :WWWALL:
    	 C.probe: fix .so check that let .dll slip through
    	 iffe: fix config sh var assignment for HAVE_member_IN_struct
    	 iffe: fix config sh var assignment for symbol_DECLARED
    	 package: delay PATH export until dll hack exports complete
    	 package: don't forget binary package $(INSTALLROOT)/lib(32|64)
    	 package: add delta change log for source packages
    00-02-10 mamprobe: add mam_cc_DLLBIG
    	 package: fix spelling typos
    	 package: add html help output beef up source and binary help => html
    00-02-08 package: mkdir man/man[138] in the new arch to cover MAM bug
    00-01-28 package,release: add -rcount to release
    	 package: fix linux "host cpu" and "host rating"
    	 package: copy *.lic to $PACKAGEBIN for "make" and "write binary"
    	 package: fix 'release change log' case match
    00-01-24 package: add copyright action
    	 mamprobe: add -D_BLD_DLL to mam_cc_DLL
    00-01-11 package: tsort for package write
    	 package: early verification that $CC works
    	 package: add non-interactive command arg for use action
    	 proto: fix -C intermediate mkdir()
    	 mamprobe: unixware.i386 ksh workaround
    	 C.probe: move hosttype to C.probe (with unixware.i386 workaround) fix mm2html option quoting add don't force static=1; grab dll's instead
    	 *.sh: fix getopts test to handle botched implementations like osf.alpha fix read -r test
    99-12-25 iffe: tweak verbose messages
    	 iffe: hand code non-optget getopts parse
    	 iffe: fix bash quoting bug again
    	 iffe: do test -w . after option parse
    	 package: fix PACKAGEROOT search
    99-11-19 --- release 0.2 ---
    99-11-19 first working package & friends
    99-10-31 change from lib0ast to INIT; add MAM and package bootstrap
    	 hostinfo: gobbled by package
    99-10-01 iffe: add --config, yes{...}end no{...}end, fix read -r workaround
    99-09-27 iffe: add --all --verbose, --* set options
    99-09-22 regress: -v disables long line truncation
    99-09-11 WWWDIR and MM2HTMLINFO are now lists searched in $(HOME)
    99-08-11 hostinfo: fix type sgi.mips4
    99-06-24 add
    99-06-08 ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}
    99-06-07 add
    99-06-01 iffe: add `siz type' for _siz_type == sizeof(type)
    99-05-11 hostinfo,iffe,regress,use: long options
    99-05-01 C.probe: fix over aggressive stdinclude, e.g., /usr/include/machine
    99-04-01 hostinfo: sgi.mips? -o32 and -n32 checks
    	 iffe: check that . is writable
    99-03-17 hostinfo: fix for cc not found
    	 dl.c,hello.c,m.c: headers in conditionals to force .DONTCARE
    	 C.probe: extra check for include dirs pulled in by <sys/types.h>
    99-03-03 regress: add `UNIT - ...' for extra args
    	 Makefile: add (_hosttype_) prereq for cc
    99-01-23 hostinfo: tweak rating, use /proc/cpuinfo if there
    99-01-11 C.probe: shlib before lib, /usr before /
    98-12-25 iffe: work around win32.alpha intrinsic clash with -O
    98-11-11 regress: fix UNIT PATH lookup
    98-11-01 regress: add PROG
    98-10-01 hostinfo: add unixware.*
    	 use: export PACKAGE_*
    98-08-11 C.probe: add /usr/include check (for sco CC)
    	 hostinfo: handle uwin uname update
    98-05-01 regress: fix bug sometimes didn't list last test
    98-04-01 hostinfo: add cc path arg
    	 hostinfo: now works with /bin/sh
    	 Makefile: strengthed -lm probe
    98-01-23 Makefile: check for -ldl -lm
    	 C.probe: handle gcc -v -E phony include dirs
    	 iffe: fix lcl by dropping sort -u -- we need the real first
    	 iffe: `mem x' to test if x is a non-opaque struct
    98-01-11 $(INSTALLROOT)/lib32 for sgi.mips3
    	 $(INSTALLROOT)/lib64 for sgi.mips4
    98-01-01 cc.sgi.mips*: turn off ld library multiply defined
    97-10-11 regress: add VIEW function for locating data
    97-10-01 Makefile: -ldl test moved to libdll Makefile
    97-08-11 regress: add MOVE
    	 regress: add SAME
    	 regress: use getopts
    	 regress: `EXEC' repeats previous test
    97-07-17 use: tweak PATH and LIBPATH bootstrap order
    	 iffe: fix lcl bug that botched pathnames with embedded spaces
    97-06-12 iffe: add npt `needs prototype' test
    97-05-09 hostinfo: mvs.* => mvs.390
    	 Makefile: cc.$(_hosttype_) workaround installed here
    	 iffe: fix nolink{ ... }end
    	 iffe: add [no]static{ ... }end for static link test
    	 C.probe: _probe_PATH => _probe_export which must be eval'd
    97-04-01 use: _RLD_ROOT set too
    97-03-17 mm2html: changed inner loop
    	 mm2html: handle .if|.ie|.el, .so
    	 mm2html: handle different man styles
    	 mm2html: differentiate mm/man in some non-obvious cases
    	 hostinfo: r5000 is not mips4
    97-02-14 hostinfo: validate type with cc
    96-12-25 C.probe: uwin tweaks
    	 iffe: use `...` instead of $(...) for alpha /bin/sh
    	 iffe: fix `typ' divide by 0
    	 iffe: `lcl' now drops X: prefix
    	 iffe: +l* -> -l*
    	 iffe: eval around ${...#%...} for bsd /bin/sh
    	 use: add sgi.mips LD_LIBRARY<abi>_PATH variants
    	 use: add -e to list exports
    	 iffe: lcl leaves leading [a-zA-Z]: for dos
    	 iffe: fix no{link|output|execute} logic
    	 C.probe: don't automatically add /usr/include for non-hosted compilers
    	 C.probe: don't automatically place /usr/include last
    	 C.probe: check gcc style -v -E for stdinclude usrinclude
    96-11-28 iffe: check BASH_VERSION for IFS botch
    	 iffe: typ only if sizeof(long xxx) != sizeof(xxx)
    	 hostinfo: fix sgi.mips[234] tests
    	 hostinfo: fix ncr.i386 tests
    96-10-31 iffe: work around old bsh here doc bug by running separate sh
    96-10-11 iffe: *.iffe and *.iff for iffe src files
    	 hostinfo: tighten sgi.mips cpu type check
    96-10-01 C.probe: add probe_libdir to catch alpha /usr/shlib
    96-09-17 iffe: fix typ bug that failed for single id types!
    96-08-31 hostinfo: handle recent sgi hinv cpu changes
    96-07-17 make sure sizeof(long xxx)>sizeof(xxx) for typ
    96-05-09 C.probe: drop multiple / in stdinclude
    96-02-29 use: package root must have bin and lib subdir
    	 mm2html: add
    	 C.probe: probe_members += -whole-archive for gcc
    	 iffe: add + fix the blasted `...'...\\...'...`
    96-01-31 use: add pkg dir
    	 hostinfo: add tandem
    96-01-01 hostinfo: windows_nt|windows[0-9][0-9] -> win32
    95-11-24 hostinfo: linux-aout.* for non-elf linux
    95-11-11 use: add aix LIBPATH
    95-10-11 hostinfo: no args prints type
    95-08-11 use: add
    95-05-09 save original PATH in _probe_PATH
    	 beef up library dir probe
    95-04-01 use c source suffix if it still preserves the dialect
    	 add hostinfo
    	 add lib/hostinfo/typemap user type map
    	 add sol.sun4 cpu count
    	 fix C.probe to properly handle C/C++ combined compiler drivers
    	 add NeXT to hostinfo
    	 bummer: mach has /usr/bin/hostinfo
    95-03-19 fix dialect executable test
    95-03-19 --- release 0.0 ---
    RELEASE notes for src/cmd/at/RELEASE
    12-02-29 atd.c,atx.c: fix uid/gid sequencing for unix/winix compatibility
    10-06-01 sync with ast api 20100601
    10-03-19 atd.c,atx.c: each job in separate session
    06-10-11 add sfstruse() error checks
    06-09-19 atd.c: sysconf() => astconf()
    06-05-17 handle empty or nonexistent crontab
    05-06-29 fix (...) => @(...) syntax error
    02-02-14 atd: add strdup(argv[1]) to workaround argv[1]=>0 mystery
    01-06-18 crontab: clarify the command<=>job relationship
    01-03-28 atd: fix log file rollover infinite loop
    01-02-14 atd: monitor daemon and restart if it dies
    01-01-01 atd: add actual and expected info to atx log messages
    00-09-28 crontab: update USAGE
    00-06-16 atd,atx: use base 36 instead of 64 in job names (now just lower case)
    00-05-22 crontab: clarify crontab jobs w.r.t at(1)
    00-05-09 atd: ": LABEL; command" sets job label to LABEL
    	 atd: roll over log file to AT_LOG_FILE.old each month
    00-03-14 at,atd: add at.allow and at.deny checks; tweak uwin verifcations
    00-01-22 --- release 1.2 ---
    00-01-22 crontab: fix getopts check
    99-10-11 at,atd: fix job dictionary bugs
    99-08-11 at: fix usage for at+batch
    	 at.h: add AT_STRICT
    99-06-23 atd: fix job queue handle lookup that dropped jobs
    99-06-23 --- release 1.1 ---
    99-05-09 tweak uwin FAT checks -- how do you get FAT security?
    	 at,batch,crontab: long options
    99-04-01 "..." path vars
    	 the official off-by-one bug of the millenium
    98-07-17 fix bad scanf base 64 format
    98-02-14 get it working
    	 add -A for admin commands (all entries, all queues)
    97-11-11 atd: use csread(CS_RESTART) to avoid SIGCHLD interrupts
    	 atd: add state.atxd in.atxd code for systems with incomplete chmod u+s
    97-10-31 fix `at date ...' arg parse bug
    96-05-24 --- release 1.0 ---
    RELEASE notes for src/cmd/builtin/RELEASE
    12-05-31 od,tr: errno!=EPIPE => !ERROR_PIPE(errno)
    12-02-28 pty.c: change --verbose[=level] to --debug=level
    12-02-11 what.c: fix boyer moore cut n paste bug -- thanks werner
    12-01-26 pty.c: fix --man docs
    10-04-22 dlls.c: fix --path to only list the path -- doh
    10-11-03 od.c: use is[w]print() for printable char check
    10-10-19 od.c: speed up inner loop
    10-09-15 od.c: fix (unsigned char*) (char*) mismatches
    10-09-08 tr.c: handle tr abc '[%*]xyz'
    10-08-04 dlls.c: add -l to list plugin version stamps
    10-06-21 pty.c: add 4 sec timeout for initial handshake -- fix me!!
    10-06-01 od.c: add -c locale checks (and undo some fmtesc() work), add ast -tC1
    10-04-12 pty: fix sfpoll() result read/write bug
    10-04-12 cat.rt: add -v tests
    10-04-11 cmp.rt: add
    10-04-01 pty: add --tty='stty-settings'
    10-03-23 tail.tst: add -f large initial offset test
    10-03-19 pty: add --dialogue
    10-03-15 pty: fix select() fd management
    10-03-07 tail.tst: add partial line -f test
    10-03-05 mktemp.rt: add
    09-09-24 uuencode,uudecode: use uumeth(0) to generate usage method list
    09-08-18 add fifo tests
    09-08-01 join.tst: TEST 19 for empty field defref bug
    09-05-24 tail.tst: add r combinations
    09-03-31 features/pty,Makefile: add pty.h and -lutil refs for linux -- great, another util library
    09-02-14 join.tst: add a VSC test
    09-02-14 tail.tst: add some VSC tests
    09-02-02 mktemp: add
    09-02-02 tail.tst: update for -b[blocks], +cl, -cl
    09-01-30 pty.c: add <ast_time.h> (for fd_set!! on mvs.390)
    09-01-12 tr.tst: add tests for trailing '-' in source and/or destination sets
    09-01-03 mkfifo.rt: add
    08-10-15 rm.rt: add to test rm -f x x
    08-02-14 look.c: fix operand parse / diagnostic bugs
    08-01-30 expr.tst: add substr * 1 * tests
    07-09-21 cksum.tst: drop sha1, add -r compatibility
    07-02-23 cksum.tst: add -x tw tests
    07-02-07 cksum: handle std => libcmd move
    06-12-12 chmod.rt,mkdir.rt: add absolute mode tests
    06-11-15 cp.tst,ln.tst,mv.tst: add initial regression tests
    06-10-31 global edit to eliminate most non-const static data
    06-10-11 add sfstruse() error checks
    06-08-25 uniq.rt: add initial regression tests
    06-08-23 mkdir.tst: add -p final dir mode tests
    06-07-20 pty.c: add
    06-06-25 chmod.rt,mkdir.rt: add initial regression tests
    06-06-24 dlls.c: add --containing
    06-01-30 od.c: add -tb binary character format
    05-12-06 od.c: handle od() static split buffer overflow
    05-08-07 tr.c: fix a-b- and a-b-c
    05-03-07 od.c: handle -t ...z for --printable
    04-10-01 fmt.tst: update for --optget
    04-09-30 od.c: -v does not accept an offset operand
    04-08-08 uuencode.c: fix -x docs, add -b == --method=binhex
    04-07-22 look.c: access() => eaccess()
    04-07-01 pr.c: add -c and -v via sfio input discipline
    04-05-27 expr.tst: add string and `:' operator tests
    04-04-14 tr.c: char* => unsigned char* to avoid sign extension
    03-10-11 od.c: add --map=ccode, -tm, generate doc from tables
    03-09-18 tail.tst: add header and timeout tests
    03-07-28 expr.tst: add
    03-07-14 fmt.tst: add
    03-06-10 who.c: ctime() arg must be time_t* (linux.s390-64)
    03-05-21 asa.c,asa.tst: add
    03-05-15 join.tst: add -v2 tests
    03-04-05 nl.tst: generate test data file
    03-02-24 nl.c,nl.tst: add
    03-02-14 od.c,tr.c: no error message for EPIPE
    03-02-11 dlls.c: add Dllinfo_t.env
    02-11-14 what.c: stop on < to catch html/xml
    	 update cmdinit() calls for 4th flag arg
    02-09-11 dlls.c: add --base & --path
    02-09-05 eliminate case ignorant file name clashes (for mac os X)
    02-08-30 dlls.c: exit 1 if no matching dll found
    02-08-28 od.c: check and report write errors -- ouch
    	 dlls.c: add --info
    02-08-23 dlls.c: add
    02-08-19 chown.tst: add chow regression tests
    02-04-15 look.c: add look.tst, fix hang
    02-03-24 uude…