DMaaP Message Router - RESTful API Layer over the Apache Kafka
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DMaap Message Router


  • Introduction
  • Installation


DMaaP Message Router is a reliable, high-volume pub/sub messaging service with a RESTful HTTP API that is delivered as a web service using AJSC framework. The service is built over Apache Kafka.

Service Goals

  • Pub/sub messaging metaphor to broaden data processing opportunities.
  • A single solution for most event distribution needs to simplify our solutions.
  • Horizontal scalability: Add servers to the cluster to add capacity. (Our initial installations are expected to handle at least 100,000 1KB msgs/sec per data center.)
  • Durability: Hardware failure in the cluster should not impact service, and messages should never be lost.
  • Durability: Consumers should not lose messages if they experience downtime.
  • High throughput: Consumers must be able to distribute topic load across multiple systems.
  • Easy integration via RESTful HTTP API
  • Supports DME2 (Direct Message Engine) for routing messages to nearest end point.
  • Supports AAF authentication and authorization.

Message Order Guarantee

Most messaging applications require some level of delivery order guarantee. To achieve strict ordering across messages in a topic (that is, each consumer sees each message on a topic in the order that the message was originally queued to the topic), each message must run through a single coordinating system. This limits scaling potential. The Apache Kafka system takes a more relaxed approach. Instead of guaranteeing strict ordering of messages in a topic, it introduces the idea of topic partitions. A partition is a group of related messages in the topic. Kafka's ordering guarantee is limited to a partition within a topic. This "partial-ordering guarantee" turns out to be adequate for nearly all of our use cases. (When it's not, the publisher can use a single partition to get the same effect as a having a fully ordered topic.)


The quick way of running Message Router locally is downloading the docker image and running it. The Docker image contains Message router configured with Apache Kafka.

$docker pull attos/dmaap

$docker run attos/dmaap

If you want to build from source

  1. Install and Configure Java 1.8
  2. Install and configure Apache Maven(3.x)
  3. Install and Configure Apache kafka 2.9.2-
  4. Start zoo keeper followed by kafka
  5. Go to the /"Msgrtr" folder and use below commands
    $ mvn clean package install
  6. Go to the /"dmaap" folder and use below commands
    $ mvn clean compile package install
    $ mvn -P runAjsc -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m