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RCloud 1.4 (under development)


  • Protected notebooks. You can encrypt your notebooks and make them readable only by you or only by a select group of users. Protected notebooks will not be seen in the search results (although pre-encrypted versions of the content may be).

    View or modify the protection of a notebook through the notebook info command in the notebook tree. If you own the notebook, the protection will be a link which open the Notebook Protection dialog. From here you can assign the notebook to any group you are a member of, or make it private only to yourself. The second tab of the Notebook Protection dialog allows you to create groups, rename groups, and assign other users as administrators and members of the groups you administrate.

  • View notebooks on other RCloud instances. The configuration file now allows configuring multiple git/github-based notebook stores with gist.source names. Specifying that name in the URL with &source=name loads the notebook from the other instance. Search has an option to search "All Lakes", i.e. all sources. For this release, all notebooks get displayed in the same tree; notebooks which are "foreign" get displayed in green and are read-only. You can fork and star notebooks from other instances; however, you can't comment on them.
  • Stop execution of cells. Clicking the stop buttion in the navbar now sends an interrupt to the R process and terminates execution (when possible).
  • Binary assets: you can now upload binary files to notebooks. The content is automatically detected and transparently encoded and decoded using base-64 encoding. Where possible, the asset is displayed in its native format in the asset panel. Assets are currently limited to 750KB. (#683)
  • Navbar menus are customizable, e.g. to display help or other resources in the area around the Advanced menu. (#1313)


  • toggle results for each cell, helpful when results are long and it's hard to find the next cell (#1487)
  • hide all view.html ui elements, including cell status elements, on &quiet=1 (#1449)
  • Rename folders of notebooks. Clicking on a notebook folder the first time opens the folder. Clicking on the name a second time starts editing of that name (and any higher levels of the folder name). (#1393)
  • New cell states to make enqueued execution clearer: if you change a cell when it is enqueued to be run, its state will turn to "unknown" (purple question mark) indicating that the result may not match the code in the cell. When it is running, it will display a spinning question mark. And when it has finished running, it will return to the "ready" state (empty circle) instead of the "complete" state, indicating it still needs to be run for the current code to be reflected in the output and state. (#1474 / #1456 / #1445 / #1436)
  • New Notebook Prefix setting allows changing the prefix for new notebook names, e.g. to put new notebooks in a folder to keep the top level less cluttered. The default remains "Notebook ". (#885)
  • multi-line command input is indicated with + as in command-line R. (#620)
  • workspace panel is not updated if it is collapsed
  • highlighting and syntax checking for html (#1387)
  • ctrl-A and ctrl-E go to the beginning and end of actual line, not the wrapped line (on Mac) (#1417)

Bug Fixes

  • improve markdown formatting #1502
  • leaving a text field setting commits the change. (ESC still cancels, and Enter also commits.) #1523
  • multiple password prompts executed seqentially could hang RCloud (#371)
  • do not allow empty notebook path parts (#1491 / #1492)
  • Python errors are now detected by the notebook, displaying the proper status and cancelling further cell execution. (#1433)
  • empty Python cells could case RCloud to hang (#1403)
  • restores error messages (like notebook not published) in view mode (#1424)
  • tagged versions of notebooks were not available in view mode (#1369)
  • fixes special html characters (such as Press <enter> to continue) in text input prompt. (#1383)
  • fixes broken help with R 3.2.0 (#1482)
  • fixes cases where forked notebooks within folders ended up with the same name as the original. (#1277)
  • fixes cases where the text input prompt was truncated in view mode (#1453)
  • redirects through the login page return to the same page that was requested. (If a custom login page is used, it should take ?redirect= as a query parameter, and POST the same value to login.R when submitting the username and password.) (#1419 / #1282)
  • various connectivity problems were fixed, caused by fragmentation of messages from the client to the server
  • equations are properly displayed in RMarkdown cells (#1377)
  • clicking to edit a cell which is scrolled hits the intended line (#1358)
  • fix oversized left margin for markdown (#1401)


Workspace viewer

  • the dimensions of data frames are now shown in the overview
  • functions arguments are shown without the preceding function keyword to save space

RCloud 1.3.4

  • Catches errors in Workspace viewer when an object errors in str()

  • Fixed an error when Cairo device is used outside of the RCloudDevice context. (#1427)

  • Prefer the file extensions defined in RCloud language extensions over what GitHub infers, because sometimes it gets the language wrong. (#1412)

RCloud 1.3.3

  • Do not load rcloud language and ui extensions when doing a notebook.R call.

  • Added http.static.nocache configuration entry governing the use of no-cache headers for statically served content. The default is now no, which means the browser is allowed to cache static content. RCloud 1.3 through 1.3.2 used yes which can cause unnecessary load on the servers if there are no changes to the static content.

  • Fixes a bug where line breaks were missing from content copied from inactive cells (#1389)

  • Fixes a bug where only the first line is copied when copying cells in Firefox (#1413)

RCloud 1.3.2

  • Some reserved characters were not getting uri-encoded, resulting in passwords failing.

RCloud 1.3.1


  • Cell Run State Indicator. Status messages such as "Cancelled!" and "Waiting" are no longer displayed in the result area. Instead, an indicator resides in the bar above each cell:

    • Open circle means the cell has not been run.
    • Blue arrow means the cell is enqueued to run
    • Blue spinner means the cell is running
    • Green light means the cell ran and succeeded.
    • Red explamation point means the cell had an error
    • Orange splat means the cell run was cancelled

    This also helps with confusion with whether a cell has run when it doesn't produce output. (#1207, #1264)

  • Non-preemptive stop. Although you still can't cancel a long-running cell, you can stop any later cells from running, by pressing the Stop button.

  • Options to enable and disable extensions per user. The Settings pane has "Enable Extension" and "Disable Extensions", which set the user options addons and skip-addons, respectively. On starting the session, any extensions listed in skip-addons are not loaded. (#1346)


  • "Subscribe to Comments" option is not shown if this feature is not configured on the server. (#1347)

  • Editable cells are always (lightly) colored (#1322)

  • Simplified, more correct workspace value printing

  • When plots are too wide for the middle column, they scroll horizontally. (#1239)

  • Settings that require a page reload tell you so when you make the change.

  • Customizable logo for view.html

  • Use line breaks when printing R stack traces (#1360)

  • Controls in status area slightly greyer to distract from code less.

  • Option to turn cell numbering off (#1213)

Bug Fixes

  • Patch to fix unauthenticated logins with view.html, shiny.html, notebook.R

  • Patch for missing fork_of

  • Hide subscribe to comments option if server not configured (#1347)

  • Fix a case where backspace still would go back a page with some elements focused

  • Fix a case where clicking on the last non-readonly notebook would edit the title (#1357)

  • Fix bug where cell would overlap next cell or command prompt would appear on top of cell (#1352, #1354)

  • Fix cases where extensions could cause non-GUI applictions to break

  • Fix bug where asset would still be shown if current asset is deleted (#1343)

  • Restore previous size and do not report (harmless) error when plot is resized too small (#1337)

RCloud 1.3


  • Simultaneously view code and output. Instead of switching back and forth between code and output, most cells always show both the code and the output. Output is shown when the cell is run. Click on the code to activate the cell's edit mode.

    Markdown cells behave slightly differently - since the markdown output already contains the code, the code editor is hidden when the markdown is run. Click on any code within the markdown output, or click on the cell's edit mode button to activate it.

  • Direct output and input. Instead of printing a single result for each cell, the output is handled asynchronously, so it shows as it is available. The code can also request lines of input, so e.g. readline now works - as do browser and debug for debugging! Ordinary code cells do not use knitr/markdown for output, but send images, preformatted, and html output separately.

  • Ability to save plots in other formats. Hover the mouse over the plot for the disk icon to appear in the upper right corner, which contains a list of available image formats. A widget at the lower-right corner can be used to resize the image.

  • Search and replace across all cells in a notebook. Ctrl/Cmd-F opens the find bar at the top of the notebook. Type to search incrementally.

    Ctrl-H (Windows/Linux) / Cmd-Option-F (OSX) opens the replace bar.

    Search in results not currently supported.

  • New simplified look. Cells do not activate the editor until they are clicked on, so they use much less resources, and notebooks with a large number of cells load quickly.

  • Automatic indentation for R code (#1110) and Python (#1105)

  • Many ways to write extensions to add to the RCloud user interface. Documentation.

  • It is possible to add cell languages - Python, RMarkdown, and even R evaluation are performed by language add-ons.

  • Experimental support for RMarkdown cells. The old Markdown cells use the markdown and knitr packages directly for output; RMarkdown cell use rmarkdown (a.k.a. R Markdown v2).

  • Option to receive email updates when your notebook is commented on (#900)

  • Notebook Information pop-up shows the people who have starred a notebook (#935)

  • Select the entire notebook with ctrl/cmd-A (#1321)


  • Animated icon when first loading the page (#1028)

  • Better help given when searches fail due to syntax errors (#1061)

  • Year shown in version and notebook dates when the year is not this one (#986)

  • Ability to right click on search results to open in new tab (instead of control-clicking) (#1054)

  • Shareable link uses tagged version instead of version, if it exists (#1044)

  • Formal arguments shown for functions in Workspace (#994)

  • Option to turn off terse dates (#1040)

  • Cell number is shown above each cell in its status area (#1126)

  • shared.R can be used to serve static content out of of the www/ folder of any installed R package. (#1147)

  • redis database number and password can be set

  • Can grab the status area above cell as well as the gutter area in order to reorder cells. Allows moving cells when not editing them

  • Clicking to edit cell sets the cursor position based on the click location

  • Supports PAM and JAAS supported Authentication modules like Kerberos, LDAP, etc. Refer:

  • Custom R code akin to the ubiquitous Rprofile can now be run at the end of session initialization as the script conf/Rcloud.profile

  • Selection of the cells and results will not select the ui elements, so it's possible to copy and paste whole sections of the notebook and results. (#1221)

Bug fixes

  • Changing the working directory is now persistent across R cells (#833)

  • Dataframe was not cleared when loading a new notebook (#1045)

  • Comments were not getting deleted from search (#826)

  • Loading notebook by ID failed when there was whitespace (#1115)

  • Notebook wasn't saved before forking (#1083)

  • Importing a notebook would cause the browser title to change (#1168)

  • Messages from the server could get fragmented and produce "Invalid typed array length" error or silent failures (#1135)

  • Issues with knitr creating duplicate plots fixed (#1046)

  • (Mis)feature where a prior notebook is loaded if the current notebook can't be, restricted to problems with loading the notebook.

RCloud 1.2-patched

Bug Fixes

  • Encoding of some characters was failing in the login script, leading to authentication failures with valid passwords


  • Retrieval of multi-user information from RCS was vectorized, dramatically reducing the number of round-trips to RCS store and associated latency.

RCloud 1.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Smaller file upload packet size to avoid Rserve disconnection bug

  • Do not check python idle state

  • Workaround for varying fork_of github interface

  • Error when deleting currently-loaded notebook (#1049)

RCloud 1.2


  • The script scripts/, which produces a tarball of RCloud and all its dependencies (e.g. for off-line installation) has been consolidated into scripts/ --mk-dist

  • Multiple file upload. File upload interface has been modernized to use promises and to split the UI from the back-end.

    RCloud.UI.upload_with_alerts(to_notebook, options) takes the place of the old functions rcloud.upload_to_notebook and rcloud.upload_file. All its UI elements are configurable. By default it will send messages and confirmations to the Upload Files pane in edit mode, and to the main output div in view mode. Upload can also be enabled in published notebooks running anonymously through the technique in this notebook.

    In addition, there are lower-level JavaScript upload functions when you don't want the use of Bootstrap alerts. RCloud.upload_files and RCloud.upload_assets, which return promises instead of using a callback, take a react struct for progress messages and overwrite confirmation.

  • The notebook store is now abstrated through the gist package, allowing arbitrary back-ends. The traditional GitHub Gist backend is now handled by the githubgist package. Alternative back-end based on local git repositories is implemented in gitgist. The back-end is selected by the gist.backend configuration option. It currently defaults to githubgist but it will eventually become a mandatory option.

  • notebook.R allows trailing paths to be processed by the notebook code (instead of asset lookup) if they start with /.self/. The subsequent path part is passed to the run function as the argument. This allows notebooks to handle full tree structure on top of a single notebook URL, .e.g.: will call the notebook with set to /foo/bar. Note that the .self part distinguishes asset lookup from a path info call.

  • Search UI improvements. Search results are paginated for improved navigability and performance. Search results show all results within each notebook. (If there are many results, they are hidden/shown inline with a "show more" link.) Search results can be sorted by user, notebook name, date, or stars, in ascending or descending order. Improvements to display of result line numbers and comment results.

  • Tagged versions: instead of using hexadecimal hashes for notebook versions, you can tag them by clicking a second time on the version in the history in the notebook tree, and entering a human-readable name. You can also load a notebook version by specifying &tag=name instead of &version=hash in the URL (works with {edit,view,mini,shiny}.html; notebook.R not supported yet). Each version can only have one tag, and each tag can only have one version: if a tag is reused, it is removed from the previous version. Enter a blank tag (delete the tag and press enter) to remove it.

  • Actions are logged on the server side using Rserve's ulog.

  • Preliminary RStudio Shiny support via rcloud.shiny package. rcloud.shiny emulates a network connection to run Shiny on an RCloud server and client instead of Shiny Server. Basic functionality is supported, but Shiny extensions are not supported yet.

  • It is possible to create custom side panels for RCloud edit mode.

  • Add-on packages can be loaded per-user (RCS key <user>/system/config/addons) or for all users (.allusers/system/config/addons). These packages are loaded at the beginning of each session, and have access to the RCloud UI (via ocaps) to add side panels or other UI elements. See the example rcloud.packages/rcloud.viewer

  • Workspace Viewer - shows variables in the environment and their current values.

  • Dataframe Viewer - View(dataframe) will show the contents of the dataframe in the Viewer side panel.

  • Forked-from notebook shown below notebook title, with link to the original notebook. Since github gists do not allow forking one's own notebooks, emulate the fork_of value for self-forked notebooks.

  • shared.R allows packages to serve files via URLs.

  • Select the type of view (shareable link) for each notebook by using the drop-down menu to the right of the Shareable Link button.

  • RCloud Sample Notebooks folder in the tree, to feature certain users and their example notebooks.

  • Initialize RCS keys under .allusers/system by adding rcloud.conf entries rcs.system.*


  • Disabled backspace as a shortcut to the back button to prevent some accidental navigation away from RCloud

  • MathJax is installed directly into the htdocs/ directly, to speed startup and make RCloud easier to install in private intranets.

  • Delete and edit comments. Multiline comments are allowed, and newlines are displayed properly in comments.

  • Date and time of notebook versions are shown in a minimal but more informative format, displaying only the parts that are different from the previous version.

  • CSS highlighting and syntax

  • Improved, more consistent control styles.

  • Ctrl-S and Cmd-S now save the notebook rather than invoking the browser's save command

  • It is possible to disable the command prompt, which is confusing to some users. The option is in the new Settings panel.

  • Insert cell button inserts a cell of the same language as the cell below it.

  • Default language for final insert button is saved per-user.

  • Shortcuts for forking notebooks. When changing the title or tagging a version of a notebook, press ctrl/cmd-enter to fork.

Bug fixes

  • Assets without filename extensions are allowed.

  • Error message for attempting to rename an asset over another one.

  • Downloading of files (Export Notebook / Export as R Source) now works in Firefox.

  • Fixed a bug where arrow keys were captured by the notebook so the selection could be moved off the current notebook.

  • Fixed a glitch where notebook comman\ds could take more than one row to display; hide date entirely when showing notebook commands, and don't show the commands when hovering over notebook versions.

  • Fix to error propagation for notebook.R when an asset does not exist or the notebook is not published.

  • Fixed URL for Sharable Link of notebook version.

  • Fixed Unicode support (for assets and everywhere) - repair mismatch between JavaScript UTF-16 and R UTF-8 strings.

  • Save asset before renaming it - changes were getting lost.

  • When a notebook fails to load, the previously loaded notebook gets loaded. This could cause a near-infinite loop when there is a problem that causes no notebooks to load, so this behavior is now limited to trying 5 notebooks.

RCloud 1.1.2

  • Set CRAN mirror repos option if not already set to avoid interactive prompt. The default will be either CRAN.mirror entry from rcloud.conf or if not specified.

  • Fix crash on Safari where RCloud would keep trying to open earlier and earlier notebooks

  • Resizeable side panels. Temporarily gives you more room to work on assets or read help. Lasts until a panel is opened or collapsed.

  • Fixes bug where asset editor did not always size to fit its panel.

RCloud 1.1.1

  • Properly handle failed connections (was throwing in an error handler). Add require dependency rserve -> underscore.

  • Fix reset links in wdcplot charts.

RCloud 1.1

  • main.html has been renamed edit.html. Currently main.html redirects to edit.html, but this will be eventually removed.

  • DEPRECATION: the flat-file backend for RCS is to be considered deprecated. In future releases we will only support the redis backend.

  • Cascading style sheets held in assets will only be loaded if the filename matches rcloud-*.css.

  • rcloud.install.js.module now takes an optional boolean parameter force to force reloading, to help with JS development.

  • view.html and main.html now support referencing notebooks by name. Use, for example, view.html?user=cscheid&path=tests/project1/notebook1.

  • Python cells are now supported. They are executed in a separate process using IPython. This requires rpython2 R package from and corresponding IPython packages in the Python installation.

  • RCloud now uses RequireJS for loading JavaScript libraries. This makes it far easier for RCloud packages to use external JS libraries, and in particular allows upgrading wdcplot on the fly. You can also use require to load JS libraries stored as assets, by using the link in the asset pane.

  • Ability to fork any notebook, even if it is your own. The navbar always displays the fork button, and will also show a save button if the notebook is yours, or a revert button if the notebook is yours on a prior version. Caution: currently when you fork your own notebook, the history is lost; we hope to fix this soon.

  • Confirmation dialog on removing a notebook.

  • The navbar now displays the notebook author and whether the editor is in read-only mode.

  • The browser title now includes the notebook name.

  • Drag individual files onto the asset pane in order to upload them as assets.

  • Press cmd-enter or ctrl-enter in the comment area to submit a comment.

  • Rename assets by clicking on the filename.

  • Lux and dcplot are now "RCloud packages". They are installed automatically by (and, but any notebooks that use wgeoplot or wtour will need to require(rcloud.lux), and andy that use wdcplot will need to require(rcloud.dcplot).

  • Fixed an issue with arrays in wdcplot expressions, and arrays can now contain wdcplot placeholders (e.g. dataframe columns).

  • Fixed an issue where downloaded files were being named download.

  • Fixed erroneous cell results where there were no cell results.

  • The asset editor now has a JavaScript mode.

  • Fixed a couple of issues with R code completion.


  • RCloud configuration now defaults to using a single port for both HTTP and WebSockets. This simplifies many things since there is now only one place to configure the port (rserve.conf), only one port to forward when needed and only one connection to setup TLS for if needed. However, it requires more care when using a reverse proxy since it has to also proxy WebSocket upgrade requests accordingly.

RCloud 1.0.1


  • Fixed issue where nothing would work if no notebooks were starred (#630)

  • Fixed bug that prevented code completion from working past the first token (#645)

  • Fixed issue where typing in the prompt could cause the notebook to "bounce" up and down (#634)

  • Fixed issue where image width was sometimes getting set to zero (#633)

RCloud 1.0


  • Major interface update with side panels

  • Help panel, showing R help as well as paged output such as data()

  • Asset editor / scratch pane. Pressing Cmd-Enter (or Ctrl-Enter) executes the current line or selection as a new cell.

  • Search notebooks, with notebooks indexed using SOLR

  • Session info panel displays stdout/stderr messages, as well as errors. Custom messages can be displayed with rcloud.out.

  • People I Starred tree shows all notebooks of people whose notebooks you have starred. My Notebooks are in a folder just like anyone else's, to reduce clutter.

  • Notebook is automatically saved when navigating away from the page, and when any operation changes the notebook.

  • Ability to change cell language

  • URL now updated to include notebook ID and version

  • Notebook lists and options are now stored with fine granularity in RCS, so that multiple sessions are less likely to interfere with each other

  • Revamp of JavaScript code to use promises for improved asynchonous operation and robustness. In addition, most JS errors are shown in the session info panel.

  • Export notebook as R source

  • Split and join cells

  • Reorder cells by dragging and dropping the handle in the left gutter

  • Click to edit source of already=run cells

  • Instead of creating a new notebook when deleting the current notebook, the most recent notebook is opened

  • Change notebook name by clicking on the name in the notebook list or the navigation bar


  • Too many to list

RCloud 0.9.2


  • RCloud branch and revision are now displayed on startup (#277). The scripts/ script updates the REVISION file used for this. Previously, only the distribution script created that file.

  • Logout page includes a link to GitHub logout as well (#294) Note that the default for has changed to /goodbye.R

  • Users can get a notebook asset by name via the rcloud.get.notebook.asset function. This is useful for getting to files that have been uploaded to the notebook without needing to go through the GitHub URL.

  • Users can control warnings via the rcloud.disable.warnings and rcloud.enable.warnings functions. This controls warnings for the current RCloud session, and is not reset after each evaluation (which happens, say, with options(warn=-1)). By default, warnings are displayed, as before.

  • Users can export a notebook as a single R source file via the 'Export Notebook as R Source File' button in the Advanced menu.

  • Users can control echoing via the rcloud.disable.echo and rcloud.enable.echo functions. When echoing is disabled, the commands themselves do not appear in subsequent evaluation calls (notice that the call to rcloud.disable.echo itself still appears..) By default, echoing is enabled, as before. In addition, the option &quiet=1 to view.html now calls rcloud.disable.echo() before any evaluation, mitigating the flashing of code described here.


  • Empty markdown cells no longer cause an error (#173)

  • Improved notebook update speed when there are many users/notebooks (#264)

  • Loads MathJax by HTTPS to allow use in HTTPS deployments (#309)

RCloud 0.9


  • RCloud now supports anonymous access to with user switching. When user switching is enabled (Exec.auth), then execution token will be honored even without GitHub tokens. In addtion, fully anonymous access (no tokens at all) will be allowed if Exec.anon.user configuration is set and anonymous users will switch to that account.

  • There is now a deployment script scripts/ which takes the current checkout, computes and downloads all dependency packages and creates a distribution tar ball containing a repository of dependend packages and the RCloud distribution.

  • Feature: notebook.R HTTP entry point added. It uses to match a notebook name and (optionally) a file within the notebook. Possible uses:


    To avoid ambiguity usernames should not match exactly [0-9a-f]{20} and filenames should not match exactly [0-9a-f]{40} since hashes have higher priority than names.

    All above uses that end with <filename> will attempt to fetch the file of that name from the notebook. All other uses call the corresponding notebook, i.e. return the evaluation result.

    KNOWN BUG: notebook.R currently ignores all RMarkdown cells, so if you mix R content into your cells, they will currently be ignored.

    NOTE: notebook.R supersedes call.R, file.R and that existed in the development version performing partial opeartions.

  • Convention: the notebook.R entry point is used for general RPC into R. Documentation for notebooks that are intended to be used as notebook.R targets should be in the form of RMarkdown cells, so that view.html?notebook=X shows the documentation for notebook.R/X.

  • Feature: the HTTP server supports partial path matching, .i.e, /foo.R/bar/gee can match foo.R file in which case the rest of the path is stored in and foo.R is evaluated. If the path is a complete match, is NULL. In both cases self.path variable will contain the path that matches the path to the script being run.

  • Feature: tmpfile result type is now supported in

  • Feature: File upload now supports upload-to-notebook. When the "upload to notebook" checkbox is selected, the file is uploaded to the github gist instead of to the local filesystem. As a result, it can be seen by anyone, regardless of permissions. This can be used to install custom stylesheets (as per feature description below)

  • Feature: Notebook interests (the set of notebooks you find interesting enough to keep close) is now denoted by starring and unstarring notebooks. We now explicitly keep the user-notebook-starring relation so we can do recsys things with it in the future.

  • Feature: In view mode (view.html), appending &quiet=1 will hide the navbar and greeting message. This makes it easier for view.html URLs to be effectively used as iframes in different websites.

  • Feature: In view mode (view.html), rcloud inserts any stylesheets present in the notebook into the main document. Currently, the only way to add stylesheets to a notebook is to directly edit the github gist. This will change in the near future.

  • Feature: added a github.user.whitelist option to rcloud.conf to allow only a subset of Github users to login to any given rcloud deployment. If no whitelist is given, all users are allowed in

  • Notebooks can be stored to "stashes" via rcloud.stash.notebook() and then deployed in a read-only RCloud instance by using gist.deployment.stash directive in rcloud.conf instead of a GitHub back-end. Such service instances only support view and notebook.R access. Stashes are stored in RCS and helper functions rcloud.extract.stash() and rcloud.restore.stash() can be used to transfer stashes from a regular RCloud instance to a service depolyment instance.


  • Bugfix: would break on arguments with empty names (e.g. ?foo query string when using notebook.R)

September 19th 2013

  • v0.8 release created
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