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Title: Support Package for the RCloud environment
Version: 1.4-0
Author: Simon Urbanek <>, Gordon Woodhull <>, Carlos Scheidegger <>
Maintainer: Simon Urbanek <>
Description: It's used by RCloud internally.
Depends: base64enc (>= 0.1-3), rjson, parallel, R (>= 3.1.0)
Imports: uuid, RCurl, unixtools, Rserve (>= 1.8-3), rediscc (>= 0.1-3), jsonlite, knitr, markdown, png, Cairo, httr, gist, mime, sendmailR, PKI
NOTE: --- packages that are not on CRAN/ *must* be in Suggests! ---
Suggests: FastRWeb, RSclient, rcloud.client
License: MIT
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