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Yoix Version 2.3.1

This repository contains the Yoix distribution as of November 25, 2011. It contains following Yoix distribution components:

  • the Yoix Installer (Yoix2_3_1.jar)
  • the Yoix interpreter (yoix.jar and yoix_g.jar)
  • the Yoix Source Code (
  • the Yoix Documentation (
  • some Yoix examples (
  • YWAIT, the Yoix Web Application Instant Template (
  • Byzgraf, Yoix functions for business graphics (
  • a reduced version of the Yoix website formerly at (
  • the license file (LICENSE.txt), release notes (RELEASE_NOTES.txt) and this file (

Note that by downloading these files you will be agreeing to the terms of the Yoix open source license (LICENSE.txt).

You will need to have the Java Virtual Machine (java) installed on your system to run not only the Yoix installer, but the Yoix interpreter as well. Versions for several platforms are available from Oracle at:

The Yoix Installer

The Yoix installer (Yoix2_3_1.jar) is an executable jar file, so your browser may know how to install Yoix when you click on the link that's used to download the installer. You can run the installer at a command prompt and in the same folder where the file is located by typing:

   java -jar Yoix2_3_1.jar

The installer will guide you from there.

The Yoix Interpreter

If you prefer not to use our installer, you can directly download the Yoix interpreter jar file, either optimized (yoix.jar) or with debugging tables (yoix_g.jar), and then set-up a shell script, BAT file, Shortcut or whatever you prefer to do the equivalent of the following command-line:

   java [java_args] -jar jarfile [yoix_args] [yoix_script] [script_args]

where jarfile is the full pathname of the Yoix interpreter jar file from github. We suggest you add -D size as a Yoix argument, where size is the diagonal screen size in inches of the monitor on which Yoix will be displayed. In that way, you can be sure that Yoix will properly represent 72 screen units as 1 inch.

The Yoix Source Code

The Yoix source code is available in a zip file ( It can be unzipped in the same manner described above for the documentation. If you build from the Yoix source, you will need JavaCC. The version of JavaCC that will work out of the box is JavaCC 4.0, which is still available at this URL:

If that particular link is broken, start from the top of the URL and work your way down to find it. It worked as of late 2016. After you install it, make sure the JavaCC bin directory is in your PATH.

Later version of JavaCC would probably also work, but they make use of Java features that would require changes to the Yoix build process. Since the changes are unneeded, it is easiest just to use JavaCC 4.0.

Documentation Files

There is also Yoix documentation ( Unpack the zip file using something like WinZip on a Windows machine, or the following unzip command on a Linux or Mac machine:

   unzip -d destination_directory

Users on case-insensitive file systems should be aware that there are a few documentation files whose names differ only by the case of one letter and so will overwrite each other. Refer to the FAQ for more details.

Some Illustrative Examples

Some Yoix examples are available in yet another zip file ( that can be unpacked as indicated above for the source and documentation files.

The Yoix Web Application Instant Template (YWAIT)

The complete YWAIT ( Yoix Web Application Instant Template) package is available in a separate zip file ( that can also be unpacked as indicated above for the source and documentation files. After you unzip it, be sure to read its README.

Byzgaf Simple Business Graphics

The Byzgraf Yoix script, a demo script and a PDF of the Byzgraf webpage documentation is available in a separate zip file ( that can also be unpacked as indicated above for the source and documentation files.

The Yoix Website

To access the old Yoix website, which has some interesting demos and information associated with it, unpack the file in the same manner as described earlier in this file. If you do not have easy access to a webserver already, you can use python's SimpleHTTPServer server by getting into the website/wwwfiles directory and running the following command assuming you have python installed:

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Once the command has started, you can point your browser to this URL:


to get to the Yoix home page. Note that you will not be able to do the file downloads, but that is OK since all those files are in this repository!

This command works out-of-the-box on a Mac, your mileage may vary. Using the above command you can access most of the website directly, however if you want to run the Java WebStart examples you will have to use port 80, which means you will need 'sudo' access (i.e., root or admin access) and use this command:

   sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

and then the URL to use is just:


If you do not have 'sudo' access you can alternatively edit the 25 or so places in the website files where you find http://localhost/ and change that to http://localhost:8000/. Similarly, if you plan to use the website with an actual webserver outside of your local host machine, then you will need to change http://localhost/ to the root address of that webserver.

In trying to run the Java WebStart demos you will have to adjust your security settings in the usual manner (on a Mac you will be prompted for these, first by Mac, then by Java).

When you are done using the SimpleHTTPServer, just interrupt the above running command (i.e., use CTRL-C). For more information on SimpleHTTPServer, do a web search.

As was the case with the Yoix documentation files, some of the website files rely on a case-sensitive file system (the default for Linux systems). The site will still work on a case-insensitive file system (the default for Mac and Windows systems), but some files, primarily documentation files, will have been over-written and so some information will have been lost.


The Yoix project is no longer supported, but if you have a question you can try sending an email to:

     jm8675 at att dot com

Responses will come as time allows.