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Metta OS

Welcome to the Metta world

My goal is to make Metta the platform for social, efficient and fun life on the internet. I call such internet egocentric, because it revolves around your needs and desires. It's not about corporations and websites, it's about your personality, you creating and sharing with your friends and colleagues.

The Goals page is an attempt to summarize what Metta strives to be and why this may be important to you.

Be free!

News blurbs

Source code has moved to GitHub. Now it's easier to clone code and request merges back.

Hackpad Discussions mostly in Russian.

There's something being developed at PARC that pretty much looks like Metta's assocfs: Content-Centric Network.

For developers

Words of warning: It is in a very early stage of development, and not much is working yet.

Please read and understand the Architecture description.


Grab latest sources


ReleaseNotes - R925 released.