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Electoral Cartogram of Canada

Created by Luke Andrews under an MIT License. Copyright © 2019 Luke Andrews.

This site interactively shows federal election results for Canada from 2015 to 2021 in a cartogram which emphasizes population distribution by presenting every electoral district as the same shape and size. You can see it published at

The original map was drawn by hand using Affinity Designer, and then converted to SVG format. The site was coded in Typescript with the Next.js framework.

Election results for recent and past elections were copied from Elections Canada under their terms and conditions for non-commercial reproduction of data. Other data for party changes was sourced from Wikipedia entries for the 42nd and 43rd Parliament.


This package uses NPM for dependencies.

To install dependencies: npm install

To run the development server: npm run dev

To export the site to static HTML (in the out directory): npm run export