Adds the ability to send CarrierWave uploads to Attachment Scanner for virus and malware prevention.
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Carrierwave::Attachmentscanner allows you to scan any file uploaded by CarrierWave for viruses or other malicious content.

It works by sending the upload to Attachment Scanner to be checked and then raising an error if the file matches a known database.


Add carrierwave-attachmentscanner to your Gemfile

gem 'carrierwave-attachmentscanner'

Download and install by running:


Initialize the scanner with your cluster_url and api_token (If you don't already have these values head to Attachment Scanner and sign up for an account):

Adding to an Uploader

You can then include CarrierWave::AttachmentScanner in your uploaders:

class YourUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  include CarrierWave::AttachmentScanner

Adding your credentials

bundle exec rails generate carrierwave_attachmentscanner:config [CLUSTER_URL] [API_TOKEN]

This will create config/initializers/carrierwave_attachmentscanner.rb with the following content:

CarrierWave::AttachmentScanner.configure do |config|
  config.url = "CLUSTER_URL"
  config.api_token = "API_TOKEN"

If you leave things blank we'll assume that you're going to set the config values within ENV variables like the following:

CarrierWave::AttachmentScanner.configure do |config|
  config.api_token = ENV['ATTACHMENT_SCANNER_API_TOKEN']


Once installed CarrierWave::AttachmentScanner will call the endpoint with any file a user attempts to call on your uploader.

It will raise a CarrierWave::IntegrityError whenever a malicious file is found, by default this will then prevent the model from saving.

Customising the response

There are two methods that can be used to compare the response from the AttachmentScanner API and present an error message within CarrierWave.

The first method blocked_scan_statuses is used to compare the scan result with a list of statuses.

def blocked_scan_statuses

The second can be overridden in order to use the response to alter the upload message.

# This can be overridden in order to change the message
def scan_error_message(result)
  "AttachmentScanner prevented this upload"

Finally if you need total control you can override the scan_result_allowed? method completely.

Development / Contributing

Pull requests are welcome. There is an RSpec suite at /spec. Please ensure that tests pass before submitting a pull request.

Thank you for making CarrierWave::AttachmentScanner better.