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Official Github Repo for CoNLL 2016 Shared Task


The validator is provided to make sure the discourse parser output is in the right format. In this version of the task, language must be specified when validating the output. Sample usage:

python2.7 en tutorial/output.json

If you would like to see what the error messages look like, try running:

python2.7 en tutorial/faulty_output.json


The official scorer for the final evaluation is used to calculate evaluation metrics for argument labeler, connective detection, sense classification, and overall parsing performance. The scorer gives quite detailed scores for analytical purposes. We also provide scoring based on partial matching of argument. The detail on how partial matching criteria are computed can be found in the task blog.

The output should be validated without any error. The scorer will fail silently if the output is not in the right format or validated.

Sample usage:

python2.7 tutorial/conll16st-en-01-12-16-trial/relations.json tutorial/output.json

TIRA scorer

This is the scorer that is used in the TIRA evaluation platform. You should check this out and try to run this offline and see if your parser outputs the right kind of format.

Sample usage:

First, run your parser on the dataset. Your parser should load the parses from path/to/data_dir, use path/to/model_dir/ for model and other resources and produce the output file in path/to/outputdir/output.json. We will use the sample parser as an example:

python2.7 path/to/data_dir path/to/model_dir path/to/output_dir
ls -l path/to/output_dir/output.json

Next, run the TIRA scorer on it:

python2.7 path/to/data_dir path/to/output_dir path/to/result_dir

The evaluation will be done on the gold standard in path/to/data_dir and the predictions in path/to/output_dir and the results will be put in path/to/result_dir/evaluation.prototext, which looks like:

measure {
 key: "Parser precision"
 value: "0.0373"
measure {
 key: "Parser recall"
 value: "0.0418"
measure {
 key: "Parser f1"
 value: "0.0394"


CoNLL 2016 Shared Task in English and Chinese Shallow Discourse Parsing






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