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Zodiac is an Astrological software for personal use.

Download the latest version: Windows | Linux64


  • Contains different views of horoscope: classical chart, planets view and plain text;
  • Provides detail information about each element of horoscope;
  • Uses 9 house systems and over 40 aspects for horoscope calculation;
  • Allows to view tropical and sidereal zodiacs;
  • Compact, dock-based user interface;
  • Includes Swiss Ephemeris © library;
  • English & Russian language support.


``Zodiac` project consists of following parts:

  • zodiac - front-end application with tab interface and user-defined files management;
  • astroprocessor - library with classes for astrological calculations and settings management;
  • swe - Swiss Ephemeris Library. Provides positions of planets, houses etc;
  • chart - library for making natal chart;
  • plain - library for making simple text view of horoscope;
  • planets - library for making planets viewer;
  • details - library for displaying planet properties;
  • fileeditor - library for editing horoscope data.

Content of subdirs:

  • bin/ - executable, libraries and other application files.
  • bin/i18n/ - localization files for all projects;
  • bin/images/ - various astrological images used in application
  • bin/style/ - CSS and icons for application
  • bin/text/ - interpretations of astrological items
  • bin/user/ - collection of user files (File->Open & File->Save)
  • ***bin/astroprocessor/***,
  • ***bin/chart/***,
  • ***bin/fileeditor/***,
  • ***bin/plain/***,
  • ***bin/planets/***,
  • bin/swe/ - files used by Swiss Ephemeris library;
  • ***chart/***, ***fileeditor/***, ***plain/***, ***planets/***, ***details/***, ***astroprocessor/***, ***swe/***, zodiac/ - subprojects
  • nsis/ - files for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

Build instructions:

Requirement: Qt > 4.8 (works in Qt 4.8.2 and in Qt 5.3 as well).

Method 1: automatic bundle build

This method will produce a single executable file with integrated project libraries.

Open zodiac/ in Qt Creator, select a build configuration (Debug or Release) then build (Ctrl+B).

Method 2: automatic separate build (Windows only)

Open in Qt Creator, and build it as usual. It will produce a main executable (zodiac) with a few dynamic libraries.

Method 3: manual build

This is a variation of 'method 2' that supposes manual building of all subprojects. Open projects in QtCreator and build them manually in the following order:

1. swe/
2. astroprocessor/
3. chart/
4. zodiac/

Run on Windows:

To run application on Windows after build, put following Qt libraries into app directory:


In Qt 5.2, they are located in C:\Qt\5.2.1\mingw48_32\plugins.

External links:

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