ColorPickerPreference for android to create color picker in preferences. Project created as Library
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Generally used classes by Daniel Nilsson. ColorPickerPreference class by Sergey Margaritov. Packed by Sergey Margaritov. Packed again and made Gradle compatible by Vincent Fischer.


  • Color Area
  • Hue Slider
  • Alpha Slider (disabled by default)
  • Old & New Color
  • Color Preview in Preferences List


Tested with APIv7, but maybe will work with early versions


Through Gradle

You can now install this through Gradle with a simple:
implementation 'net.margaritov.preference.colorpicker.ColorPickerPreference:ColorPickerPreference:1.0.0'

Android Studio

  1. Paste or clone this library into the /libs folder, in the root directory of your project. Create a new folder: /libs if not already present. (This step is not required - only for keeping cleaner project structure)
  2. Edit settings.gradle by adding the library. You have also define a project directory for the library. Your settings.gradle should look like below:
include ':app', ':ColorPickerPreference'
project(':ColorPickerPreference').projectDir = new File('app/libs/ColorPickerPreference')
  1. In app/build.gradle add the ColorPickerPreference library as a dependency:
dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    implementation ''
    implementation project(":ColorPickerPreference")
  1. Sync project, clean and build. You can use the ColorPickerPreference library as part of your project now.


  1. Before you can add a ColorPickerPreference to your application, you must first add a library reference:
  2. Clone or download a copy of the library
  3. Import the library into Eclipse: File menu -> Import -> Existing Project into Workspace
  4. Open your application's project properties and add a library reference to ColorPickerPreference


You can see some tests inside

    android:defaultValue="@color/pumpkin_orange"    <!-- integer resources are also accepted -->
    alphaSlider="true"                              <!-- enable alpha slider via XML -->

To enable Alpha Slider in your code use function:

setAlphaSliderEnabled(boolean enable)