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Evo Inflector implements English pluralization algorithm based on Damian Conway's paper "An Algorithmic Approach to English Pluralization".

The tests performed (May 2014) based on data from Wiktionary show that:

  • for entire set of 163518 words from Wiktionary, Evo Inflector returns correct answer for 68.4% of them,
  • for 979 words marked as basic words almost all answers are correct, the sole exception being the word 'worse' which when used as a noun does not have a plural form,
  • for 24.9% of all words Evo Inflector returns some form, but the word is marked as uncountable in Wiktionary,
  • for 4.1% of all words Wiktionary does not specify the plural form for given word so whatever Evo Inflector returns will always be wrong,
  • for 2.6% Evo Inflector returns an answer which is different than the one provided in Wiktionary.

(If you are curious this test is part of the unit tests.)



  • fix pluralization of todo


  • compile with Java 1.6 for better compatibility
  • -s -> -ses, for instance pancreas -> pancrases
  • -ulum -> -ula, for instance baculum -> bacula
  • some minor optimizations
  • better testing with Wiktionary dump


  • fix for -us ending words, like virus


  • add inflection with count

1.0 Initial revision


System.out.println(English.plural("word")); // == "words"

System.out.println(English.plural("word", 1)); // == "word"
System.out.println(English.plural("word", 2)); // == "words"


Evo Inflector is available under Apache License 2.0.


You can download the library from here or use the following Maven dependency: