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Scylladb / Apache Cassandra Eos History Plugin (alpha)

Nodeos plugin for archiving blockchain data into ScyllaDB or Apache Cassandra.
Currently the plugin only work with official eosio repository.


  1. Get cassandra_history_plugin source code into nodeos sources directory.
$ git clone plugins/cassandra_history_plugin  
  1. Add subdirectory to plugins/CMakeLists.txt.
add_subdirectory(cassandra_history_plugin) # add this line.
  1. Add the following line to programs/nodeos/CMakeLists.txt.
target_link_libraries( ${NODE_EXECUTABLE_NAME}
        PRIVATE appbase
        PRIVATE -Wl,${whole_archive_flag} login_plugin               -Wl,${no_whole_archive_flag}
        PRIVATE -Wl,${whole_archive_flag} history_plugin             -Wl,${no_whole_archive_flag}
        # add this line.
        PRIVATE -Wl,${whole_archive_flag} cassandra_history_plugin   -Wl,${no_whole_archive_flag}
  1. Install cassandra-cpp-driver and dependencies for ubuntu 16.04 .
$ wget
$ dpkg -i libssl1.1_1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.3_amd64.deb
$ aptitude install libuv1 libjemalloc1
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i cassandra-cpp-driver_2.11.0-1_amd64.deb
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i cassandra-cpp-driver-dev_2.11.0-1_amd64.deb
  1. Build nodeos.
$ ./ -s EOS

Configure nodeos (add the following to config.ini).

abi-serializer-max-time-ms = 1000000
plugin = eosio::cassandra_history_plugin
read-mode = read-only
#cassandra URL connection string
cassandra-url =
#keyspace name in cassandra 
cassandra-keyspace = eos_history
cassandra-queue-size = 2048
#retry delay to connecrt to cassandra
cassandra-retry-delay-ms = 200
#maximum retries connections to cassandra
cassandra-max-retries = 4
# do not store block data
cassandra-filter-out = eosio:onblock:
cassandra-filter-out = gu2tembqgage::
cassandra-filter-out = blocktwitter::
cassandra-filter-out = 1hello1world::
cassandra-filter-out = betdicealert::
cassandra-filter-out = myeosgateway::
cassandra-filter-out = eosonthefly1::
cassandra-filter-out = cryptohongbo::
cassandra-filter-out = experimentms::
cassandra-filter-out = eosplayaloud::
cassandra-filter-out =
cassandra-filter-out = eospromoter1::
cassandra-filter-out = eospromotera::
cassandra-filter-out = watchdoggiee::
cassandra-filter-out = eoseosaddddd::
cassandra-filter-out = eosblackdrop::

Create keyspace in cassandra.

  1. Create file cmd.cqlsh.
USE eos_history;
CREATE TABLE action_trace ( global_seq varint, parent varint, doc text, PRIMARY KEY(global_seq));
CREATE TABLE date_action_trace ( global_seq varint, block_date date, block_time timestamp, parent varint, PRIMARY KEY(block_date, block_time, global_seq));

CREATE TABLE account_action_trace_shard ( account_name text, shard_id timestamp, PRIMARY KEY(account_name, shard_id));
CREATE TABLE account_action_trace (shard_id timestamp, account_name text, global_seq varint, block_time timestamp, parent varint,
    PRIMARY KEY((account_name, shard_id), block_time, global_seq));

CREATE TABLE transaction (id text, doc text, PRIMARY KEY(id));
CREATE TABLE transaction_trace (id text, block_num varint, block_date date, doc text, PRIMARY KEY(id));

CREATE TABLE block (id text, block_num varint, irreversible boolean, doc text, PRIMARY KEY(id));
CREATE INDEX ON eos_history.block (block_num);

CREATE TABLE lib (part_key int, block_num varint, PRIMARY KEY(part_key));

CREATE TABLE account (name text, creator text, account_create_time timestamp, abi text, PRIMARY KEY(name));
CREATE TABLE account_public_key (name text, permission text, key text, PRIMARY KEY(name, permission));
CREATE INDEX ON eos_history.account_public_key (key);
CREATE TABLE account_controlling_account (name text, controlling_name text, permission text, PRIMARY KEY(name, permission));
CREATE INDEX ON eos_history.account_controlling_account (controlling_name);
  1. Create keyspace and tables from the file in cqlsh.
$ cqlsh
cqlsh> CREATE KEYSPACE eos_history WITH REPLICATION = { 'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : 1 } ;   
cqlsh> SOURCE 'cmd.cqlsh'

Start nodeos

  1. For the first time. Example:
$ /nodeos_bin_dir/nodeos --data-dir /your_data_dir --config-dir /your_config_dir --delete-all-blocks --genesis-json genesis.json
  1. After receiving about 5000 blocks restart nodeos. Example:
$ /nodeos_bin_dir/nodeos --data-dir /your_data_dir --config-dir /your_config_dir

P.S: ScyllaDB instructions will be added soon.

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