WebCore, a lightweight and extremely fast Python web framework.
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A lightweight and extremely fast Python web framework.

Core Features

  • Extreme performance. Benchmarked on the same system, WebCore is 2-10 times faster than other frameworks on a bare-bones “Hello World” test, while offering the same core features.
  • Everything you need, out of the box. Sessions, authentication, database, JSON, internationalization, form generation, templating, and more, without locking you into any given component. Use as much or as little as you want.
  • Makes complex things easy. From multiple database connections to dynamic template selection, many of WebCore’s features were taken directly from community discussion.
  • Follows the Zen of Python. WebCore follows all of the guidelines outlined in the Zen of Python as closely as possible. This helps everything just make sense.
  • Rapid web application development. The web has grown to be more complicated than simple HTML pages and forms. YAPWF includes alternate dialects for things like XML-RPC and Flash AMF to help you develop powerful applications.
  • Simple applications. WebCore can host an application as simple as a single file, or as complicated as you like. (We like setuptools packages, though.)
  • Easy to extend, but already covers a lot. Using namespaces it’s easy to create additions that blend in with the core package.
  • Simple installation with few dependancies. A full stack (sessions, caching, templating, etc.) installs just 10 packages, a light-weight installation installs just 6.
  • Production quality components. WebCore is built on top of Paste and WebOb, two of the most widely deployed components for the creation of web frameworks in Python.