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# Name of the blog
blog_name = 'My Blog'
# Your name (used for copyright info)
author_name = 'the author'
# (Optional) slogan
slogan = 'This is my blog'
# The hostname this site will primarially serve off (used for Atom feeds)
host = 'localhost:8080'
# Selects the theme to use. Theme names correspond to directories under
# the 'themes' directory, containing templates and static content.
theme = 'default'
# Defines the URL organization to use for blog postings. Valid substitutions:
# slug - the identifier for the post, derived from the title
# year - the year the post was published in
# month - the month the post was published in
# day - the day the post was published in
post_path_format = '/%(year)d/%(month)02d/%(slug)s'
# A nested list of sidebar menus, for convenience. If this isn't versatile
# enough, you can edit themes/default/base.html instead.
sidebars = [
('Blogroll', [
('Nick Johnson', ''),
('Bill Katz', ''),
('Coding Horror', ''),
('Craphound', ''),
('Neopythonic', ''),
('Schneier on Security', ''),
# Number of entries per page in indexes.
posts_per_page = 10
# The mime type to serve HTML files as.
html_mime_type = "text/html; charset=utf-8"
# To use disqus for comments, set this to the 'short name' of the disqus forum
# created for the purpose.
disqus_forum = None
# Length (in words) of summaries, by default
summary_length = 200
# If you want to use Google Analytics, enter your 'web property id' here
analytics_id = None
# If you want to use PubSubHubbub, supply the hub URL to use here.
hubbub_hub_url = ''
# If you want to ping Google Sitemap when your sitemap is generated change this to True, else False
# see: for more information
google_sitemap_ping = True
# If you want to use Google Site verification, go to
# , add your site, choose the 'upload
# an html file' method, then set the NAME of the file below.
# Note that you do not need to download the file provided - just enter its name
# here.
google_site_verification = None
# Default markup language for entry bodies (defaults to html).
default_markup = 'html'
# Syntax highlighting style for RestructuredText and Markdown,
# one of 'manni', 'perldoc', 'borland', 'colorful', 'default', 'murphy',
# 'vs', 'trac', 'tango', 'fruity', 'autumn', 'bw', 'emacs', 'pastie',
# 'friendly', 'native'.
highlighting_style = 'friendly'
# Absolute url of the blog application use '/blog' for host/blog/
# and '' for host/.Also remember to change app.yaml accordingly
url_prefix = ''