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Support for different markup languages for the body of a post.
The following markup languages are supported:
- Plain text
- ReStructured Text
- Markdown
- Textile
For ReStructuredText and Markdown syntax highlighting of source code is
# TODO: Add summary rendering.
# TODO: Docstrings.
import logging
import re
from cStringIO import StringIO
from django.utils import html
from django.utils import text
import config
import utils
# Fix sys.path
import fix_path
# Import markup module from lib/
import markdown
import markdown_processor
import rst_directive
import textile
from docutils.core import publish_parts
CUT_SEPARATOR_REGEX = r'<!--.*cut.*-->'
def render_rst(content):
warning_stream = StringIO()
parts = publish_parts(content, writer_name='html4css1',
'_disable_config': True,
'embed_stylesheet': False,
'warning_stream': warning_stream,
'report_level': 2,
rst_warnings = warning_stream.getvalue()
if rst_warnings:
return parts['html_body']
def render_markdown(content):
md = markdown.Markdown()
md.textPreprocessors.insert(0, markdown_processor.CodeBlockPreprocessor())
return md.convert(content)
def render_textile(content):
return textile.textile(content.encode('utf-8'))
# Mapping: string ID -> (human readable name, renderer)
'html': ('HTML', lambda c: c),
'txt': ('Plain Text', lambda c: html.linebreaks(html.escape(c))),
'markdown': ('Markdown', render_markdown),
'textile': ('Textile', render_textile),
'rst': ('ReStructuredText', render_rst),
def get_renderer(post):
"""Returns a render function for this posts body markup."""
return MARKUP_MAP.get(post.body_markup)[1]
def clean_content(content):
"""Clean up the raw body.
Actually this removes the cut separator.
return re.sub(CUT_SEPARATOR_REGEX, '', content)
def render_body(post):
"""Return the post's body rendered to HTML."""
renderer = get_renderer(post)
return renderer(clean_content(post.body))
def render_summary(post):
"""Return the post's summary rendered to HTML."""
renderer = get_renderer(post)
match =, post.body)
if match:
return renderer(post.body[:match.start(0)])
return text.truncate_html_words(renderer(clean_content(post.body)),