zope.interface compliant ordered dictionary and zope.location aware node.
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  • Python2.4+



Ordered dictionary which implements the corresponding zope.interface.common.mapping interface.

>>> from zope.interface.common.mapping import IFullMapping
>>> from zodict import Zodict
>>> zod = Zodict()
>>> IFullMapping.providedBy(zod)


XXX: copy from agx.doc, extend, formulate

A node is the root of a nodespace.

Every node has a child nodespace managed by IFullMapping

AttributedNodes have an addition attrs nodespace

A nodespace consists of a node and its children. Every child is the root of its own nodespace, a subspace of the full tree.

Compositions make up their child nodespace from multiple other nodespaces.

# >>> nodespace(Node)['children'] # >>> nodespace(Node)['attrs'] # >>> nodespace(Node)['whatever']


This is a zodict which provides a location. Location the zope way means each item in the node-tree knows its parent and its own name.

>>> from zope.location.interface import ILocation
>>> from zodict import Node
>>> root = Node('root')
>>> ILocation.providedBy(Node)

>>> root['child'] = Node()
>>> root['child'].path
['root', 'child']

>>> child = root['child']
>>> child.__name__

>>> child.__parent__
<Node object 'root' at ...>

The filtereditems function.

>>> from zope.interface import Interface
>>> from zope.interface import alsoProvides
>>> class IMarker(Interface): pass
>>> alsoProvides(root['child']['subchild'], IMarker)
>>> IMarker.providedBy(root['child']['subchild'])

>>> for item in root['child'].filtereditems(IMarker):
...     print item.path
['root', 'child', 'subchild']

UUID related operations on Node.

>>> uuid = root['child']['subchild'].uuid
>>> uuid

>>> root.node(uuid).path
['root', 'child', 'subchild']

>>> root.uuid = uuid
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: Given uuid was already used for another Node

>>> import uuid
>>> newuuid = uuid.uuid4()

>>> root.uuid = newuuid
>>> root['child'].node(newuuid).path

Node insertion (an insertafter function exist as well).

>>> root['child1'] = Node()
>>> root['child2'] = Node()

>>> node = Node('child3')
>>> root.insertbefore(node, root['child2'])
>>> root.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: root
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child1
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child3
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child2

Move a node. Therefor we first need to detach the node we want to move from tree. Then insert the detached node elsewhere. In general, you can insert the detached node or subtree to a complete different tree.

>>> len(root._index.keys())

>>> node = root.detach('child4')
>>> node
<Node object 'child4' at ...>

>>> len(node._index.keys())
>>> len(root._index.keys())

>>> len(root.values())

>>> root.insertbefore(node, root['child1'])
>>> root.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: root
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child4
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child1
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child3
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child5
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: child2

Merge 2 Node Trees.

>>> tree1 = Node()
>>> tree1['a'] = Node()
>>> tree1['b'] = Node()
>>> tree2 = Node()
>>> tree2['d'] = Node()
>>> tree2['e'] = Node()
>>> tree1._index is tree2._index

>>> len(tree1._index.keys())

>>> tree1.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: None
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: a
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: b

>>> len(tree2._index.keys())

>>> tree2.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: None
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: d
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: e

>>> tree1['c'] = tree2
>>> len(tree1._index.keys())

>> sorted(tree1._index.values(), key=lambda x: x.__name__)

>>> tree1._index is tree2._index

>>> tree1.printtree()
<class 'zodict.node.Node'>: None
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: a
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: b
  <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: c
    <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: d
    <class 'zodict.node.Node'>: e


The LifecycleNode is able to send out notifies with object-events based on zope.lifecycleevent subclasses.

Creation of Node
zodict.events.NodeCreatedEvent implementing zodict.interfaces.INodeCreatedEvent.
Adding childs to Node
zodict.events.NodeAddedEvent implementing zodict.interfaces.INodeAddedEvent.
Deleting childs from Node
zodict.events.NodeRemovedEvent implementing zodict.interfaces.INodeRemovedEvent.
Detaching childs from Node
zodict.events.NodeDetachedEvent implementing zodict.interfaces.INodeDetachedEvent.

In subclasses of Node the event classes can be exchanged by modifying the class attribute events on the node. It is a dictionary with the keys: ['created', 'added', 'removed', 'detached']

Thread safe Locking of a Tree

Not Node nor LifecycleNode are thread safe. Application-builder are responsible for this. Major reason: Acquiring and releasing locks is an expensive operation.

The module zodict.locking provides a mechanism to lock the whole tree thread safe. A class and a decorator is provided. The class is intended to be used standalone with some Node, the decorator to be used on subclasses of Node or LifecycleNode.

zodict.locking.TreeLock is a adapter like class on a Node. It can be used in Python > 2.6 within the with statement.

>>> node = Node()
>>> with TreeLock(node):
>>>     # do something on the locked tree
>>>     node['foo'] = Node()

Alternative it can be used in older Python version with in a try: finally.

>>> from zodict.locking import TreeLock
>>> lock = TreeLock(node)
>>> lock.acquire()
>>> try:
>>>     # do something on the locked tree
>>>     node['bar'] = Node()
>>> finally:
>>>     lock.release()

zodict.locking.locktree Decorator for methods of a (sub-)class of Node.

>>> from zodict.locking import locktree
>>> class LockedNode(Node):
...     @locktree
...     def __setitem__(self, key, val):
...         super(LockedNode, self).__setitem__(key, val)



Version 1.9.4

  • Node provides now get method (promised by IFullMapping) again. [jensens, 2010-09-04]

Version 1.9.3

  • Provide abstract _Node implementation. [rnix, 2010-07-08]
  • Typos in documentation. [thet, 2010-07-06]
  • BBB imports in except block rather than trying it first. [thet, 2010-07-06]
  • Buildout configuration for testing purposes. [thet, 2010-07-06]

Version 1.9.2

  • set child.__name__ and child.__parent__ before child.keys() call for index check in Node.__setitem__. keys() of child might depend on those. [rnix, 2010-05-01]
  • Separated AttributedNode from LifecycleNode, so attributes can be used without events now. [jensens, 2010-04-28]

Version 1.9.1

  • Add test for bool evaluation [rnix, 2010-04-21]
  • Add __setattr__ and __getattr__ to NodeAttributes object. [rnix, 2010-04-21]
  • BBB compatibility for zope2.9 [rnix, jensens, 2010-02-17]

Version 1.9.0

  • Make zodict compatible with python 2.4 again, BBB [jensens, 2009-12-23]
  • Add locking test [rnix, 2009-12-23]
  • Refactor locking, remove tree-locking from Node base implementations. Add easy to use locking class and a decorator intended to be used in applications and subclasses of Node. [jensens, 2009-12-23]
  • Introduce ICallableNode, ILeaf and IRoot interfaces. [rnix, 2009-12-23]
  • Change Lisence to PSF [rnix, 2009-12-22]
  • Add zodict.node.NodeAttributes object. [rnix, 2009-12-22]
  • Add attributes Attribute to LifecycleNode. [rnix, 2009-12-22]
  • Add ILifecycleNode and INodeAttributes interfaces. [rnix, 2009-12-22]
  • Removed typo in private variable name. added notify-suppress to setitem of LifecycleNode. [jensens, 2009-12-22]

Version 1.8.0

  • Added zope.lifecycle events to the new LifecycleNode. You can easiely override them with your own events. [jensens, 2009-12-21]
  • Renamed class zodict to Zodict, renamed module zodict.zodict to zodict._zodict. This avoids ugly clashes on import (package vs. module vs.class). BBB import is provided in the 1.x release series. [jensens, 2009-12-21]

Version 1.7.0

  • Add Node.detach function. Needed for node or subtree moving. This is done due to performance reasons. [rnix, 2009-12-18]
  • Node.index returns now a NodeIndex object, which implements zope.interface.common.mapping.IReadMapping. This functions convert uuid instances to integers before node lookup. So we still fit the contract of returning nodes from index by uuid. [rnix, 2009-12-18]
  • Change type of keys of Node._index to int. uuid.UUID.__hash__ function was called too often [jensens, rnix, 2009-12-18]
  • make Node thread safe. [jensens, rnix, 2009-12-18]

Version 1.6.1

  • make Node trees merge properly. [rnix, 2009-12-15]
  • make getter and setter functions of uuid property private. [rnix, 2009-12-15]

Version 1.6.0

  • remove the traverser module. [rnix, 2009-11-28]
  • improve insertbefore and insertafter a little bit. [rnix, 2009-11-28]
  • add index Attribute to Node. Allows access to the internal _index attribute. [rnix, 2009-11-28]
  • remove @accept and @return decorators. Just overhead. [rnix, 2009-11-28]

Version 1.5.0

  • add insertbefore and insertafter function to Node. [rnix, 2009-11-27]
  • fix printtree if Node.__name__ is None. [rnix, 2009-11-20]
  • add printtree debug helper function to Node. [rnix, 2009-11-09]
  • define own Traverser interface and reduce dependencies. [rnix, 2009-10-28]
  • removed import of tests from zodicts __init__. this caused import errors if interlude wasnt installed. [jensens, 2009-07-16]

Version 1.4.0

  • Don't allow classes as values of a Node. Attribute __name__ conflicts. [jensens, 2009-05-06]
  • repr(nodeobj) now returns the real classname and not fixed <Node object this helps a lot while testing and using classes inheriting from Node! [jensens, 2009-05-06]
  • Make tests run with python setup.py test. Removed superflous dependency on zope.testing. [jensens, 2009-05-06]

Version 1.3.3

  • Fix ITraverser interface import including BBB.

Version 1.3.2

  • Add root property to Node. [thet, 2009-04-24]

Version 1.3.1

  • Add __delitem__ function to Node. [rnix, 2009-04-16]

Version 1.3

  • Add uuid Attribute and node function to Node. [rnix, 2009-03-23]

Version 1.2

  • Add filtereditems function to Node. [rnix, 2009-03-22]

Version 1.1

  • Add INode interface and implementation. [rnix, 2009-03-18]