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Overview of MRToolkit

MRToolkit is a framework for simplifying building jobs to run on the Hadoop Map/Reduce system. MRToolkit builds on Hadoop Streaming, which allows you to write separate map and reduce jobs that operate through standard input and output.

MRToolkit is built with Ruby: you use Ruby to write the map and reduce steps, and MRToolkit, streaming, and Hadoop do the rest.

Just to give a taste of how simple it can be, here is a complete map/reduce program:

require 'mrtoolkit'

class MainJob < JobBase
  def job
    mapper CopyMap
    reducer UniqueCountReduce
    indir "logs"
    outdir "ip"

This program goes through a set of (slightly modified) Apache log files, and produces a list of all the unique IP addresses, along with a count of how many times each one was used.

More Information


MRToolkit was inspired by Google's Sawzall. We wanted to make it even easier by making use of an existing language, rather than inventing a new one. Ruby was a perfect fit.

The initial development of this software was supported by the New York Times, with the support and encouragement of Vadim Jelezniakov and Ranjit Prabhu.