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jbergstroem opened this Issue Mar 10, 2011 · 4 comments


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Any plans on doing releases of klib? Versioning, tarballing and so on. I'd really like to see changelog notes outside the header files as well.


attractivechaos commented Mar 10, 2011

For now, I do not have plan to properly package klib, partly due to the way it is developed and partly due to the fact that each component of klib is independent of others. Nonetheless, I will leave the issue open here. If more people are requesting packaging, I will probably do that.

I like the current approach, just one file to include :) Nice fast library btw :) Could use some better docs, but hell, that's always the case :)

theduke commented Apr 24, 2016

I wouldn't care about packaging, but versioning is important.

I woud recommend semantic versioning (

+1 I for one would love packaging. I think a simple package that just installs these the headers into a klib subdir would be super handy.

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