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Plexi is a plugin system for nodejs. Helps to make a horizontal plugin architecture.

Getting Started

$ sudo npm install plexi -g
Initialize project
# init with default activator js file (activator.js file will be created)
$ plexi init

# or your own activator js file can be specified
$ plexi init src/youractivator.js
Install plugins
# if you want install according to package.json/plexi.dependencies
$ plexi install

# install plexi based packages you want (--save option for save package.json/plexi.dependencies)
$ plexi install plexi.workbench --save
$ plexi install plexi.mongodb@^2.6.5 --save

# also can install from git repository
$ plexi install --save
$ plexi install attrs/plexi.mongodb --save

# uninstall
$ plexi uninstall plexi.workbench --save

# also can install from file system for local test (by symbolic link)
# (useful method for developing several plugins)
$ plexi link file:package_dir_path --save

# unlink
$ plexi unlink file:package_dir_path --save
Writing activator


module.exports = {
    start: function(ctx) {      
        // preference from plexi.json
        var options = ctx.preference;

        // simple example for use plexi.http
        var http = ctx.require('plexi.http');
        var bucket = http.create().mount('/myapp');
        bucket.get('/index.html', function(req, res) {
            res.write('Hello, World!\n' + JSON.stringify(options));

        console.log('[' + + '] start');
    stop: function(ctx) {
        console.log('[' + + '] stop');
Start plugin-system
# will be executed activator.js specified from plexi init (pakage.json/plexi.activator)
$ plexi start
plexi$ _
Internal cli usage
# plugin system status
plexi$ p

# plugins status
plexi$ ss
0     started      yourpacakage        0.0.1
1     started      plexi.http          0.1.0 

# plugin info ("0" is ss index number)
plexi$ p 0

# stop plugin
plexi$ stop 0

# start plugin
plexi$ start 0

# help
plexi$ h

# quit
plexi$ q



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