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angular-openweather-app — a weather forecast app written in AngularJS

Note: April 2023 housekeeping -> latest Release 0.3.2 fixes security vulnerabilities.

OpenWeather App

"OpenWeather App" is a small AngularJS project that makes use of the OpenWeatherMap service for fetching and displaying weather data and forecasts based on a given location (city).

This project basically serves as an example app I refer to within an article about AngularJS I wrote for the German web technology magazine t3n no. 34.


A demo site running this little app can be found here.


Points of interests:

  • Building an app with AngularJS (of course!)
  • Building an app based on the OpenWeatherMap API
  • Bootstrapping an AngularJS app: Basic modules and view definition, ng-app, ng-view
  • Defining a controller for handling the weather data in $scope
  • Defining a service for fetching weather data from via JSONP
  • Defining a custom directive for instantly embedding sort of "weather data day panel"
  • Setting up unit and e2e-tests with karma/jasmine

angular-openweather-app uses:


Clone repository and install dependencies

via git and npm:

$ git clone [my-app-name]
$ cd [my-app-name]
$ npm install

Run application via server

(see also angular-seed docs)

You can pick one of these options:

  1. serve this repository with a webserver of-your-choice
  2. having installed node/npm (> 5.2.1), you can start a simple web server with npx:
$ npx serve app

Then open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.

Run tests

To run unit and end-2-end tests with karma/jasmine, call these scripts:

$ ./scripts/
$ ./scripts/


Ideas, suggestions and pull requests are welcome. Someone willing to suggest a fancy (responsive) design for desktop and mobile use?


  • Make use (and parse) more provided weather data (+ add filters, formatting)
  • Internationalization / Localization
  • Provide "use current location" and fetch data via lat/lon
  • Build a view with n-day-forecast in typical weather app style
  • Improve UI/UX by integrating a fancy design, transitions, effects

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The MIT License

All data provided by the great service and API of OpenWeatherMap.

Copyright (c) 2013 Matthias Lienau <>