A collection of programming challenges.
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Project Euler
Standard Algorithms
The Algorithm Design Manual/Chapter 3
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A collection of programming challenges.


My background is in Experimental High Energy Physics. My thesis research was a search for neutral Higgs bosons in decays to tau leptons. I performed this data analysis in C++ and Python, and in the process learned a lot about programming. I also learned that I enjoyed programming a lot more than I did Physics. After completing my Ph.D. I decided that I wanted to find a job in the software industry. As I began my job search I realized that while I learned programming in a trial by fire method, I may have missed some computer science concepts that a CS degree would have provided. To rectify this situation I will be compiling a list of programming challenges that I come across that will be chosen to increase my tool box.


Each directory will be either a single challenge, or a collection of challenges from the same source. In each challenge directory there will be a README markdown file that describes the challenge. My solution to the challenge will be included in the directory. Feel free to learn what you can from my successes and failures. However, I make no claims at having arrived at the correct or optimal solution, so use at your own risk.