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felp 0.2.3

  • Corrected problems noticed by CRAN
    • avoid package 'MASS' in examples because it is not a build-in package for some platforms
    • internally import prettycode::default_style without using it to suppress a NOTE, "All declared Imports should be used."

felp 0.2.2

  • Update tests so to be independent from pandoc, and improve code coverage.
  • Add logo and CRAN badge, download badge, and favicon

felp 0.2.1

Just internal changes and tests to be ready on CRAN.

  • Refactored to suppress notes
  • Add tests
  • Use Travis CI, AppVeyor, Codecov for test with CI and visualize code coverage.

felp 0.2.0

felp is now a short of "functional help" to help things in addition to functions. It was formerly "function help"

Major changes

  • felp() and ? returns structure of a value specified to the first argument if possible. If function is specified, the source of function is returned instead of the structure.
  • felp()
    • improves consistency with utils::help in terms of arguments
    • supports to display package documentation just like help(package = )
  • Pseudo-postfix operators
    • ?. supports arguments other than functions.
    • ?p is added to display document of a package.
  • Updates on documents with pkgdown site


Tagged, but not released.

Major changes

  • felp() has more consistent arguments to utils::help by changing a name of first argument to "topic" from "x".
  • Pseudo-postfix operator ?. supports arguments other than functions.

Minor changes

  • felp() is simplified.

felp 0.1.3

  • Officially support function?. form to print function and its help simultaneously.
    • This feature was already present in felp 0.1.1 without knowing it.
    • Before 0.1.3, . of function?. can be any like function?hoge. This behavior is changed because of conflicts with type?topic form of utils::`?` .

felp 0.1.2

  • Use prettycode:::print.function()

felp 0.1.1

  • Added S3 version of ?
    • A method ?.function provides print.function() and help() simultaneously.
    • A default method ?.default is equivalent to utils::?
  • Unexported print.function as it may conflict with auto-completions of RStudio.

Help wanted

R CMD check results gives a warning, but I have no idea to solve it.

❯ checking Rd \usage sections ... WARNING
  Undocumented arguments in documentation object '?'
    ‘e1’ ‘e2’
  Bad \usage lines found in documentation object '?':
    <unescaped bksl>method{?}{function}(e1, e2)
    <unescaped bksl>method{?}{default}(e1, e2)
  Functions with \usage entries need to have the appropriate \alias
  entries, and all their arguments documented.
  The \usage entries must correspond to syntactically valid R code.
  See chapter ‘Writing R documentation files’ in the ‘Writing R
  Extensions’ manual.

felp 0.1.0

A first version

  • felp() and print.function() shows help and source of a function simultaneously.