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Merge pull request #4 from iam-TJ/issue_4884

4884:TR_ERROR_IMPORTDIR_IMS_NOTVALID is not defined in the database
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commit cfd00d14059bf7e8e39bfc98ce3526faf544c390 2 parents 0b73732 + 8abbae2
@harriswong harriswong authored
Showing with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
  1. +1 −0  install/db/language_text.sql
1  install/db/language_text.sql
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_FOLDER_NOT_CREATED',
INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_ID_ZERO','Content ID was zero, or was missing.','2010-05-20 12:08:10','');
INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_IMPORT_CARTRIDGE_FAILED','Import failed. Does not appear to be a valid content package or common cartridge: %s','2011-10-09 16:47:00','');
INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_IMPORT_FAILED','Import Failed','2010-01-27 15:48:35','');
+INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_IMPORTDIR_IMS_NOTVALID','Import failed. Is not a ZIP file.','2011-10-09 01:00:00','');
INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_INVALID_CHECKBOX_STATUS','Invalid checkbox status.','2010-01-27 15:48:35','');
INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_INVALID_FORMAT','Invalid format.','2010-01-27 15:48:35','');
INSERT INTO `language_text` VALUES ('en', '_msgs','TR_ERROR_INVALID_INPUT','Invalid URL: %s','2010-05-25 11:28:35','');
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